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Mental Health Support at CCS

 T. Schinkel

Mrs. Tricia Schinkel (BA, MC:AT)

Registered Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

School Counsellor
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Office Hours from September 2023: Monday and Wednesday 8:30-4:30 (WEST 5th)

Mental Health Services include: 

  • A focus on student care, mental health & wellness, belonging, social and emotional development
  • School wide social-emotional learning (SEL) programs and curriculum that can improve student outcomes and provide learning for ALL students about tools to identify, express, and manage their emotions in healthy ways (TIER 1 - Whole School Support, ex. Zones of Regulation curriculum)
  • Assessing students social/emotional needs and challenges (TIER 2 - Some students specific support)
  • Providing short term individual counselling support to students as needed (TIER 3 - Individual support)
  • Consulting and collaborating with educators, staff, and parents related to student social-emotional needs
  • Advocating for student social and emotional needs
  • Providing resources for and connecting families to the community for long term supports
  • Staying up to date with professional development to increase knowledge for evidence based practice and collaborating with other mental health professionals within Christian Schools
Students can be referred for individual short term support by teacher, parents, or admin. The goal of the individual sessions is to assess and evaluate their functioning and to provide short term skill building for emotions and managing stress. Students are offered 2-3 visits with the School Counsellor (SC), unless determined otherwise. The school counsellor will also provide recommendations for long term counselling support within the community, when applicable. Students over 12 have the right to seek confidential counselling, without the consent of a parent (Child and Family Services Act). 

September 2023 - January 2024 Update 

Some highlights from the first part of the year 2023-24:

  • Student Wellness Team initiatives:
    • Kindness Challenge (November)
    • Spirit Days (October)
    • Upcoming Wellness Station (February)
  • UnWind Group
    • Once a week, students from grade 2-8 have an invitation to join a recess group (one grade per week) to focus on relaxation and regulation skills through games and activities. 
  • Student Helper 
    • As of Janaury 8, Mrs.Schinkel now has a student helper from Redeemer University. We welcome Ms. Zommer and appreciate her support and are excited to have her learn more about the role of a school counsellor. 

Dog Therapy Program Report: January 2023 - June 2023

Picture of Sydney, therapy dog      Picture of the therapy dog handlers on staff

We enjoyed having Syndie as our assisted therapy dog this past year. Six handlers were certified and worked with Sydnie and students. Sydnie was located in Mrs. Schinkel's office and was there for additional emotional support, as well as to increase school spirit. Students reported that Sydnie was comforting, calming, soft, fuzzy, helpful, and makes us happy when we have a bad day. It was such a "paw-sitive" experience to have a therapy dog at school and we are thankful for the opportunity we had to enjoy her presence at our school! We wish Sydnie and Mr.Stam all the best in their new adventures!

Mental Health Program Updates  2022-2023 

Some highlights from this past year 2022-23:

  • Assisted Dog therapy program success
  • Guest Speaker: Brett Ullman - "Media Navigating Everything" 
  • Student Wellness Team events: Kindness Tree, Spirit Days, Mental Health Awareness Campaign & Slideshow
  • 56 students benefited from some individual support

School Mental Health Facts

Did you know...

  • The mental health/school counselling program began at CCS in 2019-20 and the Zones of Regulation curriculum was introduced as a school wide initiative to increase social and emotional awareness. This continues to be taught so that kids have a universal language to label, express, and manage emotions. Zones of Regulation Explained

  • National School Counselling Week is the first week of FEBRUARY 

  • Mental Health Awareness week is in the first week of MAY

  • CCS is 1 of 8 Christian Schools in Ontario that has a school counsellor/mental health professional. These school counsellors meet monthly for peer supervision and consultation so that they can continue to provide the best support for students and families. These roles are continuing to grow in Christian Schools and there is also now a Mental Health Peer Support Network for mental health professionals in Christian Schools, supported by Edvance Christian School Association, led by T.Schinkel. 

Mental Health Tips & Resources

Mental Health Resources:

Crisis Response Resources: 

  • COAST (Crisis Outreach Support Team) Hamilton 905-972-8338 or 1-844-972-8338 
  • (text, phone, live chat, and resources available)  1-888-668-6868
  • 911
  • Go to McMaster Children's Hospital ER: CHYMES (Child and Youth Mental Health Emergency Services)