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I have a clear childhood memory of my father dividing up the cash from his pay each week on the kitchen table. The first amount went to the church, the second to the school and the remainder for us to live on. My Dad made $45 a week, and $6 of that went to Christian education. My Mom testifies to how hard it was at times to make ends meet, but it was a commitment they made and honoured.

Years later, when our first child began Kindergarten, tuition was around $1,800 for the year. It seemed like a huge amount, and we knew it would double once that child entered grade one. Upon picking my son up from Kindergarten one day, I heard Miss Visser and her class singing songs of praise to God. Suddenly, the money didn’t matter as much. God was being taught and faith was being developed.

Now, many years have passed again. My daughter has since commented on how her “moral compass” was developed through church, school and our home. This is a legacy that we give to our children. I have the privilege of working as a Teacher Assistant at Calvin Christian School, and daily I witness how God continues to be faithful, and blesses Calvin.

Christian Education: PRICELESS

~Agnes McKnight

The biggest thing for my wife and I is that what is taught in Calvin is an extension of what we teach in the home, combined with what is taught in church. Being on the Board of Directors for the past several years has opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes at a quality school such as CCS. The amount of work and dedication given by the staff often goes above and beyond. The teachers and complete staff seem to work in harmony looking at their work as not just a job but a calling and blessing to serve God in this capacity. I know our children are influenced by this loving atmosphere. The education our children receive is top notch; the staff and BOD are open minded to newer creative ways of teaching such as developing more project based learning and continually advancing in professional development. Always looking to provide quality education, extracurricular activities, more opportunities and vision to the future with our Almighty Creator, Loving Father and Gracious Saviour woven throughout all of education - this is what Calvin Christian School is.

~ Eric Schotsman

Alongside the home and church, I believe that Christian education is a key avenue in which we can instill a Christianworldview into our children's lives.  Calvin Christian School provides this opportunity for parents, teachers, and the church community to assist each other in consistently solidifying a firm belief foundation that will equip our children with the tools and knowledge they will need as they journey through a life of service for Him.

~ Angela Sluys

When I asked my daughter "Why do you like going to a Christian school?" her response was quick,  "I am so glad that when something bad or sad happens to me, my class will pray with me.  I feel safe to share things when I know that the other kids are Christians and believe that God can help."  As a parent, it is reassuring that my child feels supported and loved in a Christian environment.  It is a place where my values and beliefs are shared by teachers, fellow students and support staff.  This makes the students education a continuous flow between home and school.  It shows our children that all of our world, no matter what subject, relates and points back to God who created it.  

~ Carolyn Kippers

Our children attend Calvin Christian School (CCS) on West 5th. Why? Coming from a tradition that has always placed a premium on faith-based learning, we were happy to have the opportunityto enrol our kids in a school that shares that approach. CCS offers families an opportunity to blend a challenging education program - academics, athletics, arts - with a unique Christian perspective. We think such a perspective adds layers of meaning to our kids' learning that might not otherwise be possible. And not only that, proven, professional and dedicated staff have really demonstrated their commitment to our kids throughout the grade divisions. In short, CCS has enriched our children's educations - and their lives.

~ Tony Heida

I am very pleased to have chosen CCS for our children. The teachers and all the CCS staff care for our children, every one of them are dedicated and go over and beyond in our children’s education and well-being. The little notes or emails we receive about our children: their praise on something our child has done that day and were eager to let us know; or the worries/concerns and their determination that our children will succeed and how as parents we can help with that. Our children are growing in their faith and are building the foundation they need- they come home telling us all about their day and what they learned and are excited about it. On my son’s first visit to kindergarten, the teacher gets them all to sit down in a circle on the floor and says she wants to introduce her special friend to her new friends: “His name is Jesus” she says, and “and he’s your friend too.”

~ Crystal Van Groningen

A number of years ago, when my first child was born, my father gave me a gift. He gave me a
monetary gift with the hope that one day I, like he h
ad in the past, would send my child to Calvin Christian School. My wife and I have honoured that desire but not because of a small monetary present but because a Christian education for our children is integral in their development.

My wife and I love the positive atmosphere of Calvin and the caring, nurturing attitude of the staff. We are delighted to carry on a third generation of students at Calvin Christian School, as God's love has too been passed on from one generation to the next.

It is our hope and prayer as parents, that our children will come to know the Lord, and Calvin Christian School completes the three main environments of a child's growth: Home, Church and School.

~ Craig Schinkel