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Covid-19 Impacts Unity Campus Plans
COVID-19 Impacts Unity Campus Plans It is difficult to look at the messages communicated a short time ago - first hire, information evening, keys ...Full Story
Sunday, April 19
First Hire @ Unity Road Campus!
We are thrilled to announce the first hiring at Unity Campus!  Mrs. Amanda Breimer has been hired as the Vice Principal at the new school. Mrs. ...Full Story
Wednesday, March 11
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Calvin Christian School Fees 2020-2021

CCS operating funds are generated from tuition, membership fees and annual donations. Fees are set annually by the Board of Directors and presented at the Spring Annual General Meeting.

Calvin Christian School continues to apply a family tuition rate for children enrolled in grades JK - 8. This means, you pay one tuition fee regardless of the number of children you have enrolled in grades JK - 8.

The base annual tuition fee at this time is $9,975 per family (there is an optional $100 fundraising reduction). 
The tuition fee is $5,590 if your oldest child is attending JK and/or SK part-time class (there is an optional $50 fundraising reduction). 
The tuition fee is $9,155 if your oldest child is attending Full-Time K class (there is an optional $100 fundraising reduction). 

In addition, each family is required to pay an annual CCS society membership fee of $300. And, there is an annual transportation fee for families using the CCS school bus services only; this fee is $1,875 per family.

Please be aware that a significant portion of the tuition fee can be claimed as a charitable donation, although the amount will be smaller for families with 2 or more children. 

Tuition may be paid annually, bi-annually, monthly or through other arrangements approved by the finance manager. Should you be interested in tuition assistance, please click HERE.

Click HERE to fill out the online 2020/2021 Volunteer Opportunities form.

Click HERE to begin the online 2020/2021 Tuition and Fees form.

The forms are optimized for use on a desktop or laptop computer, NOT mobile or apple devices. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Contact Finance Manager, Mrs. M. VanderWier 

341.3 Pre-Authorized Payment Form Office Download