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West 5th Campus
547 West 5th Street, Hamilton ON

We are excited to be able to provide a fun and exciting ice skating experience at CCS. Students are invited to bring their skating items tomorrow. However, to ensure that the activity remains fun but also safe, we will expect that students follow certain rules and expectations. 

  • students are only permitted to be on the ice with staff supervision

  • skates can be brought to school, but must come in a cloth bag or have skate guards

  • a helmet must be worn while on the ice. Ideally, the helmet is a hockey one, but other helmets are permissible (ski, bike, etc.) as long as they provide protection. The helmet must be strapped up.

  • a hockey face mask or shield is recommended

  • gloves or mittens must be worn

  • skates must be worn while on the ice (no boots or shoes are permitted)

  • students must exercise caution while skating. Speed skating, aggressive skating or horseplay is not permitted 

  • hockey is permitted during PE classes. Students must wear a hockey face mask while playing hockey

  • please note that students will be putting on their skates while outside. At this time, we are unable to provide a space indoors where students can put on their skates.

Borrowing Skates:

  • CCS is also pleased to offer a skate borrowing option. We have a number of pairs of skates that students may use. Students can borrow a pair of skates for the season and may even take them home to get the skates sharpened, as we do not provide that service. 

  • If you wish to donate skates to the school, we will consider taking them. 





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