Hamilton Campus
547 West 5th Street, Hamilton ON

During the winter months, and weather permitting, our students benefit from many opportunities to skate and even play hockey on our outdoor ice rink. A weekly schedule is made for students to use the ice during recess time and of course they also have the ice available for PE time.

If students have skates, they are encouraged to bring them to school. If they do not have skates, there is a selection of skates they can borrow at school. If you have extra helmets or skates that you would like to donate to the school, we will add them to our collection. You are also welcome to exchange skates!
To minimize or prevent injury as much as possible, any use of the ice rink requires helmets (ski, bicycle or hockey helmets). Please label all helmets brought to school.


562.12 A letter containing information for parents about our outdoor skating rink, and a form to fill in for using the skating rink after school. W Office Download