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Calvin Christian School (CCS) exists to assist parents in providing Christian education so that their children may be “Equipped to Shine”.  We seek to make Christian education affordable, and, with your generous donations, we hope to continue to provide funding to families who can benefit from financial assistance and also help fundraise for other capital projects.

Donate to Calvin Christian School

547 West 5th Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L9C 3P7

When donating to CCS, you the donor can choose to direct your donation to the general needs of the school (the Board of Directors will allocate your donation based on current needs), or to a specific need.

  • General Fund: is the fund that reports all revenues, expenditures, assets, and liabilities related to the organization's day to day operations.
  • Building Fund: reports the revenues, expenditures, assets and liabilities of the organization's land and buildings.
  • Bus Reserve Fund: is to be used to fund the organization's future bus purchases.
  • Capital Reserve Fund: is to be used to fund building and property improvements and additions, and major repairs and renovations.
  • Memorial Fund: will be sent to the Christian School Foundation (Foundation) and put into our Endowment Fund for the future benefit of the school.
  • Tuition Assistance: is to be used to fund the offering of our Tuition Assistance Program. This program helps reduce tuition payments for families that have financial needs.
  • Accessibility Fund: was established in 2019 and is to be used to fund accessibility-related expenditures.
  • Unity Campus Capital Campaign: is to be used to fund the revenues, expenditures, assets, and liabilities of the organization's second campus in Caledonia.
  • Tuition Contribution Account: was established in 2020 and is to be used to fund the future education of families that have lost an immediate family member due to death. Any contributions made to this account will need to be subject to the CRA's cost of education calculation (IC-75-23) prior to donation receipts being issued. (Please state in the comments the name of the person)

There are three payment options. 

  1. Payment by Credit Card [Please note we are charged 2.25% processing fees by the credit card companies. Consider helping to cover this cost by increasing your total donation by the 2.25%.]
  2. Payment by Cheque mailed to the school - 547 West 5th St, Hamilton ON L9C 3P7
  3. Payment by Interac/eTransfer
    Interac e-Transfer Instructions will be sent to you by email upon submission of this form.

Please note in accordance with our Donations Policy, if a program or initiative is either overfunded or can not be completed, the Board may redirect the funds for another program, or project, or where the most need is.