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Hamilton Campus
547 West 5th Street, Hamilton ON


My CCS Story ... By Hae Ji

Every day at Calvin Christian School we work and study hard and we have lots of fun! In our Bible class we learn more about being caring and kind people and outstanding Christians. The principal, teachers, and office staff are honourable, caring, and kind. Our teachers are knowledgeable about their subject and helpful to us. There is always a great deal of student involvement in sports activities such as hockey, basketball, volleyball, and track and field. There are also many musical activities such as the Chamber Choir, band, and other choirs. Some students are involved with Student Council. Our school library has many useful and entertaining books and three useful assistants. We also have a reading buddy program to help others. The caretaking staff make an extra effort to keep everything clean and tidy. All of this is what makes our school second to none!

CCS... by Ju Eun

Calvin Christian School is a wonderful school, with great students, staff, and opportunities. I like absolutely everything about this school, and I just came this year from South Korea. I'm trying very hard to learn English as it is my second language. It's very different here than it is in Korea as the curriculum is entirely different, and I have trouble knowing what to do and what's going on in class. I'm always thankful towards my friends who come up to me right away to help me out, and my teachers for helping me a lot also. Everyone is very caring and supportive, and I really appreciate that. It's a great learning environment and overall, I know that this is one of the best schools in Ontario and I am very lucky to be attending Calvin Christian School.

CCS is important to me because... by Linda K.

It is very fun here and I have met lots of friends. The teachers here are the best. They are nice, kind, and gentle. CCS is a very safe place to go to school because there are lots of fences so strangers can't come in. We use "clean" language and talk freely about God because it is a Christian School. Calvin Christian School is the best school ever.

CCS is important to me because... by Grace C.

I like CCS because it's a Christian school. I love how we can learn about God and the Bible, and how we have nice Christian friends. It is good that Calvin Christian School is a safe, clean, and a polite school. We have a wonderful principal, who leads our school very well. You can get involved in other things like Student Council, Chamber Choir, and Concert Band. You can use your talents and improve them. You can sign up for sports you want to play too. Calvin Christian School is a lovely place. You'll love it.

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