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International Student Program

Calvin Christian School is pleased to welcome
International Students to our school


It has come to our attention that some agencies have been publishing information about our school that is not true. We are assuming this is an effort to make other schools look more attractive. Please check for the true facts and send us your questions. We can respond in Korean.

Please contact Daniel Won ( ??? English)  

The Mission Statement of Calvin Christian School is to assist parents by providing for each student a Bible based elementary education in a supportive Christian classroom community. This nurtures growth in knowledge, maturity and commitment to God for sharing in the life and work of His people in the world. Your child will benefit from immersion in a Canadian Christian school community of learning. They will also be given an opportunity to perfect their English language skills. Each student in the class will have their lives enriched through contact with Christian children of other cultures.

Where to Begin

To begin the process, you must apply for, and receive, a Study Permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada before leaving your home country to attend a school in Canada. You can find guidelines and an application form on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Web Site or at the Canadian Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate in your home country. You should contact the Canadian Visa Office in your home country to see if you need to complete any additional forms, or provide any additional documents.
For more information about Calvin Christian School and our programs and application process, please contact the International Admissions Manager, Mr. Daniel Won (??? English).