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Membership Registration

The Calvin Christian School Society (hereafter, Society) is a vital part of Calvin Christian School. Calvin Christian School is operated by the Society. Membership in the Society is open to friends and supporters of the cause of Christian education who are in agreement with the basis, purpose and principle guidelines of the Society as stated in the Constitution. The Status and Rights of Membership (#171) document provides you with more information about membership.

There are several reasons why you would wish to become a member of the Society:

1) Parents need to become members of the Society in order to enrol their child(ren) in the school.

2) Members may elect new directors for the Board of Directors.

3) Members are entitled to receive society related documents including committee reports and newsletters.

4) Members are welcomed to participate in the Fall and Spring Membership Meetings.

5) Members are welcomed to participate on Society and school committees.

To become members of Calvin Christian School we require a Membership Application (Form 1 #171.1) and also a Pastor's Reference (#231.3). Membership is required for parents wishing to enrol their child(ren).

Parents of alumni and former members of Calvin Christian School who wish to renew their membership will need to complete the Membership Renewal Form (#172.2).

171 Status and Rights of Membership W Office Download
171.1 Membership Application Form W Office Download
172.2 Membership Renewal Form W Office Download
231.3 Pastor Reference - Form W Office Download