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MAP and External Assessment 

Every year, Calvin Christian School carries out an external assessment tool known as Measurement of Academic Progress. MAP replaces the CTBS (Canadian Tests of Basic Skills) tests that were previously administered. Whereas CTBS served its purpose in providing information on student ability and program needs, MAP is not a traditional standardized test. MAPs is used as an external assessment tool for students in grades 1-8. Testing takes place in the Fall and in the Spring. The second testing session allows faculty to identify the academic growth in our students and influence decisions on instructional programing. 

The Goals of using External Assessment tools in our School

External assessment tools and measurements are used for a variety of purposes. However, CCS has identified 3 main purposes:

1.  Support for individual students academically

2.  Evaluation of the curricular program and gaps in core skills

3.  Measure of school quality for current and incoming parents

In summary, as an external assessment tool, MAP is not the same as a "standardized test." MAP testing is an extension of our philosophy of supporting all learners in their educational experience. 


Responding to our Community at Home and Abroad:

Each year, CCS seeks to help those in need. Various activities may include visiting senior homes, helping food banks, sending out shoe boxes, and participating in major fund raisers such as the Terry Fox Marathon, Jump Rope for Heart and Road2Hope. CCS students and families regularly raise thousands of dollars for these, and other, organizations


Terry fox jump rope for heart road2hope Alzheimer



In addition to strong academics, Calvin Christian School also has an impressive extra-curricular program with students participating in a range of areas including concert band, chamber choir, bell and recorder choir, primary choir, spelling bees, battle of the books, speech contests, fine arts, science fairs, and athletics (track and field, soccer, cross country, volleyball, hockey, basketball, baseball). Check out the school gym and observe the many pennants adorning the walls.