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Student Enrollment

Please follow the step by step guide below.

This process is applicable to the West 5th Campus and the Unity Road campus.
On the form, indicate which campus (or campuses) you are registering for.

Parental Membership Application

Parents need to become members of the Calvin Christian School Society in order to enroll their children. The CCS Society is a vital part of the school. Membership in the Society is open to friends and supporters of the cause of Christian education who are in agreement with the basis, purpose and principle guidelines of the Society. The Status and Rights of Membership document (171) provides you with more information about membership. Parents become members in order to enrol their child(ren) in the school. 

After your membership application has been received, a member of our Membership Committee will arrange a meeting. In some situations, a meeting can be arranged with the Principal. A recommendation concerning your membership application will go to the Board of Directors. We will also need a completed Pastor's Reference  (231.3) form as part of that package.

Student Admissions Application

A completed Student Admission Application (#512) will need to be completed. There is a registration fee included and this fee is required only once.  For our Kindergarten parents: You may also wish to purchase additional days for your child through our "Come - Along K" program. You can select French immersion on the "off Fridays" and/or you can select "extended SK/JK" on the other off days. More information can be found by checking out our "Come - Along K" registration form (#675) and our document on the French Immersion Program (#690.1).

Other Required Forms and Fees

  • We will also require that you complete the Enrollment Agreement Form (Form 3 - 171.3). Furthermore we may require additional forms related to assessment or testing.
  • The Tuition Form is updated in the Spring of each year for the following school year.
  • There are some optional forms that may need your attention as well: TRIP (tuition reduction incentive program), School Bus Registration, Pre-Authorized Payment
  • Also, please be aware that in August of each year, we may require additional payment payment for various student specific items, eg. band instrument rental, agenda book, P.E. uniform, student fund.

Enrollment Completion

Upon successful enrollment procedures, and prior to your child's first day of school, you will be supplied with all the necessary information needed to make the first day a comfortable one for your family.

Step-by-Step Enrollment Guide

After communicating with the Principal:


Complete the Membership Application Form (Form 1 - 171.1). The Status and Rights of Membership document (171) can be found here or in the enrollment packet


Have your Pastor complete the Pastor Reference Form and send it to the school by fax (905-388-2769) or email 


Complete the Student Admission Application Form (Form 2 - 512), indicating which campus you are applying for.


Review the Student Admission Application Enrollment Agreement Form #3 (171.3) and sign.


The Tuition Form (Form 4 - 341.1) is for your reference only. Once your family is approved, you will receive a 2020/2021 Tuition Form along with other CCS families sent to you after the Spring Membership Meeting held in May of each year.


Bring or send all the documentation to the school office, including the Extended Come-Along K Registration form and the Bus Registration form if applicable. Please also include the one time registration fee of $600.


A Membership Committee representative will contact you to set up a meeting


Upon approval, the Board of Directors will notify you of your acceptance


You will receive the necessary documentation prior to the first day at school