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Shine as a child of God. The classroom, whether that is in a building or in a learning space outside, is an inviting and special space. It’s where a community of learners come together to discover more about God, practise fundamental skills, and broaden their general knowledge about the world they live in. Inside this space, where wonder is welcome and questions are being explored, children are forming friendships, making discoveries, loving God, being creative, and standing in awe of God’s creation. At Calvin Christian School, each student is invited to go on an edVenture and to shine as a child of God. -
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Teacher Introduction - Diane Heeg   We are thrilled to announce that Diane Heeg will be joining our staff at Unity Campus for 2021/2022! Mrs. Heeg brings years of teaching experience and an excitement for sharing the beautiful truths of God's Word with her students. Mrs. Heeg's passion is to come alongside each student in their learning and to help foster the growth of many new skills. "It is absolutely exciting and rewarding to support a child as they strengthen their reading and writing skills, for example, and to see their confidence grow as a student. There are lots of reasons to smile in the classroom and
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Explore your place in this exciting Christian learning community! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Christian families in the Greater Hamilton Area at Calvin Christian School - Unity Campus. Students are invited on a journey of cultivating a wonder of God’s creation—gaining wisdom as they discover their place in God’s unfolding story—through meaningful work with practical implications for building His kingdom. We welcome the opportunity to help you explore your place in this exciting Christian learning community! - Amanda Breimer, Vice Principal - Unity Campus
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CCS is delighted to help promote the growth of Christian education. “We are excited to announce the opening of our JK-Grade 4 Unity Campus this September. While our plans have been complicated by Covid-19, we fully anticipate that come September 2021, the halls of Unity Campus will be filled with the voices of students. The Hamilton and surrounding area continues to have many families interested in education that is taught from a Christian perspective and CCS is delighted to help promote the growth of Christian education in the Caledonia area.” - Arn Boonstra, Principal
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