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464 Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Volunteering At Calvin Christian School serves two very important purposes:
    • It provides parents with opportunities to serve in their school community, to get to know other parents and to help committees, teachers and students.
    • It can provide extra revenue through fundraising, or it can reduce expenses through supporting teachers and students, all of which help keep tuition in line. CCS is a member-run organization dependent on parental involvement.   
  2. Volunteer Information: Thank-you for taking the time to fill out the following form. Staff, Board of Directors and Committee Chairs may use this form to gain valuable information pertaining to your skills, professions and interests for use in our school community - to God's glory!
  3. Volunteer Reduction based on past year: We value your involvement at CCS! By serving in various ways throughout the year, you are able to deduct up to $100 from your family's tuition. Use this form to indicate the volunteering you did at CCS this past year and where you will be interested in helping out next year.  Please fill in one form for each parent or guardian. 
What is your current volunteer role at CCS? RECURRING COMMITMENTS: if one is selected you may deduct up to the total maximum $100 tuition reduction (Select ALL that apply)
What is your current volunteer role at CCS? NON-RECURRING COMMITMENTS: you may deduct $50 per selection up to the total maximum $100 tuition reduction (Select ALL that apply)
Please indicate the volunteer opportunity you are interested in for next year (Select ALL that apply):
I am interested in helping at the re-Source Thrift Shop:

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I am available to help with the following community events next year (Select ALL that apply):