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Wing It!
JK, SK and primary students are super excited to be performing a musical called Wing It! Wing It! is about supporting your friends and family members ...Full Story
Monday, April 8
The Senior Kindergarten students had a lot of fun preparing for "Wing It!" Read some of their stories here:  SKB ...Full Story
Sunday, April 14
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341.1 Tuition and Fees

This form works best on a desktop or laptop computer, 
It is not optimized to be used on a mobile or apple device.

Calvin Christian School (CCS) – Hamilton Tuition and Fees Form 2018/2019

Fees stated are per family therefore unless otherwise noted.

Therefore please choose a Quantity of 1 for the applicable fields unless instructed otherwise.


Tuition Fees

There are two rates for families:

1) Full Family Tuition is for families with at least one child in Grade 1-8


2) Kindergarten only is for families with children only in SK

Choose ONE:

$9,575.00 Quantity
$5,282.50 Quantity
(if applicable Quantity=1)
(if applicable Quantity=1)

Come - Along K and Jubilee School

Optional Programs to attend:
  • extra Tuesdays; and/or
  • extra Thursdays; and/or
  • extra Fridays.

Enter the tuition & Student fees per the Form #675 CCS Come - Along K Registration and Fees and/or the Form #631.3 Jubilee School Registration.A copy of your form was included in your package(Additional Transportation Fees will be requested later)

$-100.00 Quantity
$-100.00 Quantity

Fundraising and Volunteer Reduction

This section has two purposes:

1) to recognize that fund raising and volunteer activities play a crucial role in keeping tuition costs down. We want to encourage you to become involved in the CCS Community. If you are not participating in our volunteer activities to the extent you would like, please see the volunteer form #464.

2) to give you the opportunity to voluntarily increase the tuition you are paying if you are able and if you are not already participating in our volunteer and fund raising activities. You can choose to voluntarily increase your tuition payment by taking less than the maximum reduction. You will NOT be questioned by anyone affiliated with CCS regarding your decision on the reduction taken. Please self-assess your contributions to CCS fund raising and volunteer activities.

$-400.00 Quantity
$-200.00 Quantity


$-500.00 Quantity
$-1,000.00 Quantity
Optional HDCH Bursary: This is a tuition bursary for families also paying HDCH (Hamilton District Christian High) tuition. HDCH and CCS are independent of each other. In an attempt to keep primary and secondary Christian education affordable, CCS recognizes the financial burden that may exist for some families that are paying tuition to both schools. Please assess your ability to pay the full CCS tuition and if necessary you can deduct $1,000 from CCS tuition if you also have children attending HDCH.


If applicable select the option pertaining to your family. Please note that no tax receipts are issued for this service. Your family must have also completed the Bus Registration Form #242.3 or #242.4, which can be found on our website.

Your family will select only one of the following 3 options for full bus service to CCS to and from home (if applicable).
$1,750.00 Quantity
$2,100.00 Quantity
If Your family is SK Only and are attending Come - Along K days you will also need to enter quantity for applicable extra days.
$875.00 Quantity
$320.00 Quantity
$160.00 Quantity
If your family is only using the Shuttle service select the applicable option
$437.50 Quantity
$875.00 Quantity

Other Fees


Please select a payment option:*