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Ancaster Fair
On Friday, September 21, grade 1a had an awesome day at the Ancaster Fair. Despite the very windy conditions, the students said they had a great time ...Full Story
Monday, October 22
Grade 5 Thanksgiving Meal
On Friday, October 5, if you happened to be at CCS you might have smelled something yummy throughout the halls. Chances are that it was the grade 5 ...Full Story
Thursday, October 11
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2017/2018 Drive

Principal’s Message by Arn Boonstra

Principal Mr. Ted Postma We often mention that we are here to assist parents by providing a Christian education. Accordingly, we have sought to provide curricular and extra-curricular programs designed to nurture and enrich all of God's children. But, there is something to consider: some families have had to withdraw from Calvin Christian School because they simply do not have the finances to continue. We say farewell to each other with sadness. In this context, we are challenged to be here for their children as well. There are two ways to address this concern: 1) improve our Tuition Bursary Fund so that it can  be stretched further and  be more accessible; 2) invite the  broader community to participate in supporting items in our budget which benefit the community. And so, dear friend, please consider donating to our Tuition Bursary Fund or our Building Reserve Fund or our Bus Reserve Fund. Your participation will help a family as well as keep our tuition at a reasonable level so that all of god's children may receive Christian Education. 


Tuition Bursary

Calvin Christian School assists families who struggle to pay tuition. Due to a lack of funds, we are unable to assist some families. We need to grow our tuition bursary fund and then stretch it much further and make it more accessible. It is difficult to have to say farewell to some of our students because the family lacked finances to pay the tuition. Please consider helping such families with your donation.  

Building Reserve

Maintenance and replacement costs continue to increase as the building ages. This past year, a number of our HVAC units needed to be replaced at a cost of about $73,000. Preparing for tomorrow also means making sure we have a high quality and an up-to-date school facility for our students, staff, and community.  

Bus Reserve

The school owns six buses and each has a life span of about twelve years. We are replacing a bus every two years. The cost for one bus is about $110,000. We welcome your support in helping us transport many children to and from school each day as well as providing transportation for field trips.