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Building Unity Capital Campaign 2022/23



Principal Mr. Ted Postma

Dear Support of Calvin Christian School

Thank you for your ongoing support of Calvin Christian School!  CCS is in the midst of its Building Unity Capital Campaign and we humbly ask that you consider partnering with us, as we seek to raise $5 million dollars to equip more children to shine. The proceeds raised by our capital campaign will go toward capital improvements at our Unity Campus in Caledonia. 

This year Calvin Christian School is celebrating its 70th anniversary and we have been richly blessed by God over those 70 years. Our enrollment at our West 5th campus, located in Hamilton, has been at capacity for a number of years. When the CCS Board of Directors decided to provide Christian education options for children in the Hamilton and surrounding area, our Unity Campus filled an important need. More students than ever are able to benefit from the rich tradition of Christian education that CCS has been providing for 70 years. Please consider supporting the Building Unity Capital Campaign, so that we can continue equipping our students to shine!