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Unity Campus
32 Unity Side Road, Caledonia ON

Staff Directory
A. Boonstra  Photo Name A. Boonstra Info
Position(s) Principal  
A. Breimer  Photo Name A. Breimer Info
  B.A., B.Ed., (CSTC, OCT)
Position(s) Vice Principal, Teacher Grade 1/2, Unity Campus  
E. DeWeerd  Photo Name E. DeWeerd Info
Position(s) Office Assistant, Unity Campus  
J. Byl  Photo Name J. Byl Info
Position(s) Facilities Manager, Unity Campus  
L. Ouwehand  Photo Name L. Ouwehand Info
  RECE, ECE Dip.
Position(s) Teacher Kindergarten A, Unity Campus  
J. Flokstra  Photo Name J. Flokstra Info
  B.A.Sc, MSEd
Position(s) Teacher Kindergarten B, Unity Campus  
J. Mulder  Photo Name J. Mulder Info
  B.A., B. Ed., (CSTC, OCT)
Position(s) Teacher Grade 1/2, Student Support Services and French, Unity Campus  
K. Van Houten  Photo Name K. Van Houten Info
  B.A., B.Ed., (CSTC)
Position(s) Teacher Grade 3/4 Unity Campus  
M. Heeg  Photo Name M. Heeg Info
Position(s) Choir Director  
K. Van Brugge  Photo Name K. Van Brugge Info
Position(s) Paraeducator, Before/After School Care  
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