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Unity Campus
32 Unity Side Road, Caledonia ON




EV1Ms edVenture Building Unity


Rooted in Scripture | Knowing Self | Knowing God

Knowing God by gaining Bible knowledge and developing Christian perspectives

  Knowing yourself by understanding your place in God's wonderful creation and exploring
  the skills and talents God has given you

   Living out God's Truth:

  • Maturing as someone who reflects God's image and shows this relationship to others and the environment
  • Committing to love and serve God and your neighbour
  • Developing competency in skills to problem solve and communicate effectively, with sensitivity and skill
  • Serving God by caring for His creation and creating beautiful work that enriches the lives of others



Focused and Balanced

Traditional core curriculum and teaching methods will 

balance the education experience


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Coming Events
Friday Jun. 7 - 2024
Friday Jun. 7 - 2024
30th Annual "For All God's Children" Golf Tournament, ...Full Story
Monday, March 4