Hamilton Campus
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The Parents

  1. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children at bus pick-up points until the children board the bus and when they leave the bus on their return home.
  2. Parents must remind students to behave at all times in a manner that will reflect the wishes and expectations of the parents and in accordance with established conduct, discipline, and safety policies.
  3. Parents should be familiar with the Transportation (Bus) Code of Conduct for Students. This form will be forwarded with the student at the beginning of the school year.
  4. Parents must be aware that serious or repeated misconduct will be reported and recorded in accordance with the established discipline policy. Repeated reports of misconduct will result in suspension of riding privileges for up to two weeks. Reinstatement of privileges will require a conference involving the driver, the Vice Principal, the student and the parents. A second suspension means termination of riding privileges for the balance of the school year.
  5. It is the parents' responsibility to determine whether or not it is safe for their children to leave for school in inclement or severe weather.
  6. Parents should communicate safety and discipline concerns to the Vice Principal; routing concerns may be communicated to the route supervisors.
  7. Parents should complete and return all relevant transportation registration forms promptly. They must be aware of eligibility rules and must arrange for a payment schedule with the Finance Manger.
  8. Parents are reminded that if a school friend (who normally does not ride the same bus) has been invited home, permission from the bus driver must be procured by the parent at least one day prior to the date. The bus driver uses his/her discretion, pending space availability, and is under no obligation to agree to the request.

The Students

It is expected that every student will behave responsibly, not only while traveling on a school bus, but at pickup and transfer points as well. These are essentially extensions of the school. While being transported or waiting at transfer premises of any other school, each student is responsible to the Principal or designate of that school sfer points or on the for his/her conduct. All students riding Calvin Christian School buses are subject to the rules and regulations outlined in this Handbook and in related material regardless of which school they attend.

The CCS bus driver is authorized by the Principal to supervise the conduct of the students on a school bus and the driver may be assisted by student bus patrols appointed by the Vice Principal. Students are expected to co-operate with the patrols and the bus driver. The safety of the students is of paramount importance. Student altercations which directly or indirectly compromise or impede the safety of the riders will be reported and dealt with accordingly, as outlined in the discipline policy. The responsibility for compensation for any damage or destruction of school property by a student rests with the student and the parents.

Students must be aware of the following factors:


  1. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to pick up at the designated stop and stand well away from the roadway until the bus is stopped; the bus will not wait for riders who are late;
  2. If it is not necessary to cross the road to board the bus, line up in single file, and when the bus is stopped, board the bus in an orderly fashion using the handrail;
  3. If it is necessary to cross the road, wait for the driver's signal, check traffic before crossing the road, staying at least 5-8 paces in front of the bus; and follow the instructions of the driver and/or bus patrols.


  1. Leave the bus in an orderly fashion at the designated stop;
  2. If the laneway is directly beside the door of the bus, continue up the lane;
  3. If it is necessary to go toward the rear of the bus to get to the laneway, remain on the shoulder of the road in line with the door and at a safe distance from the bus (3 paces) until the bus has gone; then continue along the shoulder of the road to the driveway;
  4. If it is necessary to cross the road, line up single file, and when everyone is off, walk ahead of the bus along the shoulder for 5-8 paces; a bus patrol should be in place; wait until the bus driver indicates it is safe to proceed, cross the road, checking for on-coming traffic before and while crossing.

    For a larger group of students being dropped off:
  5. Parents or designates should be at the stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled drop off
  6. In the event you are unable to be at the stop when your child arrives, arrange an alternate plan with your child; this should be communicated with the bus driver as well
  7. If there is no specified adult to pick up the student, the student will remain on the bus; the parent will be contacted and will have to pick up the student at a stop further on in the route


  1. Items are generally located with the student or placed in designated areas; the following specifics apply:
    1. Lunch boxes and books can be kept on one's lap;
    2. Large bags and back packs can be located on one's lap or on the storage racks;
    3. Skate must have blades covered by guards, be tied together and/or carried in a bag; place them on the floor of the bus at the student's feet, unless the driver designates a specific area;
    4. Skiis and poles may not be transported on a school bus;
    5. With the exception of hockey sticks, no hockey equipment shall be transported to and from school on a bus without special permission from the vice-principal;
    6. Hockey sticks may be taken to school on Mondays and returned on Fridays and must be located in a designated area on the bus;
    7. Musical instruments must be transported in cases only, and kept on the student's lap or placed in a designated area on the bus;
    8. Student projects such as collections, models, displays, etc., may not be carried to or from school on the bus unless prior specific permission is received from the vice-principal;
  2. Give priority of seating to the younger students on the bus;
  3. Leave windows closed unless authorized by the driver to open them;
  4. Keep arms and head inside the bus at all times;
  5. Do not eat on the bus unless given special permission;
  6. Do not smoke or be in possession of any illegal object / substance, vaping paraphernalia, or light matches on the bus;
  7. Do not throw objects inside of the bus, nor from the bus window;
  8. Do not stand while the bus is in motion unless with the express consent of the driver;
  9. Do not distract the driver in any way;
  10. Do not damage the bus; respect private property and do not tamper with emergency equipment
  11. Do not scuffle, fight, yell, or use profanity on the bus;
  12. Keep the aisles clear.