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Student Support Services

The mission of the Calvin Christian School's (CCS) Student Support Services is to provide inclusive education which recognizes that each child is uniquely created by God with a distinctive learning style and ability. Due to their learning differences, some children need classroom accommodations or program modifications to experience success in their learning. At Calvin Christian School, students with learning exceptionalities are integrated into the regular classroom to the fullest extent possible. The special education teachers collaborate with classroom teachers and paraeducators to make appropriate classroom accommodations. They also form learning plans for students who are in need of individual or small group instruction for one or more subjects. Participation in the Student Support Services Program is preceded by a process consisting of a referral, an assessment procedure, and a placement decision. If you have concerns about your child's learning, please speak to your child's teacher to initiate a possible referral to Student Support Services.

For further information, please contact Mrs. D. Van Egmond. 

Student Support Services Faculty

Student Stupport Services - D. VanEgmond

Student Stupport Services - Mrs. J. Kikkert Student Stupport Services - Mrs. Bosveld Ms. A. Benjamins
Mrs. D. VanEgmond
Mrs. J. Kikkert
Mrs. J. Kikkert
Mrs. J. Bosveld

Ms. A. Benjamins


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Student Support Services Staff: Personal Support Workers, Educational Assistants, Teacher Assistants

Mrs. L. Belanger
Mrs. T. Bouwers
Ms. C. Breukelman
Mrs. E. Haveman
Ms. Nataley Huttenrauch
Ms. S. Knevel
Mrs. A. Langendoen
Mrs. T. Kooistra
Ms. M. Parr
Ms. Z. Puerta
Ms. E. Schutten
Mrs. M. Star
Mrs. M. Van der Meulen
Mrs. S.  Vander Meulen
Mrs. H. Verhoeven
Ms. K. Vos
Ms. M. Woon
Mrs. K. Zantingh