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Bienvenue, tout le monde!

Welcome, everyone!

During October, we will continue learning our AIM story and related vocabulary.  Students can anticipate a listening quiz during the third week of the month to check for basic comprehension of the plot and characters in the story.  If students listen and participate well during class, there is no other preparation necessary for the quiz.  In addition, students are learning basic questions and answers about greetings, and descriptions of self; alphabet letters and colours. 

AIM portal   

Look here for the AIM story that you/your child is learning this year. You can view the video, listen and read along with the story, review vocabulary and related gestures with Wendy, listen and sing along with the songs, learn more about the program and methodology. All of this work will help the student succeed in the expectation of reciting the play with good pronunciation and fluency. You will need a username and password to access this portal, so parents/guardians, please contact me to request that and to have an account set up for your student. If you would like a copy of the story and/or vocab. list sent home, please let me know and I'd be happy to do that too!

Mme Van Eek's French Website  

Look here for French material used in class to enhance and enrich our AIM program. There are songs, videos, flashcards, games, hand-outs, links to more resources.... plenty to keep you occupied in learning French in a fun way! Use it for review and/or enrichment. You will need to login using your student CCS email address and password, or if you forget that info :), you can login using: primaryfrench@ccshamilton.ca   password:  ilovefrench      Enjoy!