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Ms. Dean
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Library Day: Thursday
Phys. Ed. Days: Wednesday/Friday (indoor), Tuesday (outdoor)
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The walk-a-thon week was great.  Now the second half of the walk-a-thon was a bit wet, but we were persevered and we did the challenge.  I was really proud of the level of positivity from our class.


Math - we are working in Unit 2 of our math curriculum.  A review sheet was handed out and worked on this week.  The same review sheet is posted below as well as the answers.  We took up the first half and next week we will make sure they have an opportunity to take up more if they want.  They can also do it on their own using the answers below.  The math test is scheduled for October 27

Science - We have been working on our Astronaut slideshows.  I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about Canadian astronauts and their work in space.  

Language Arts - Our Novel Study, Out of My Mind, is so good!  Students are really enjoying the book and seeing it develop.  Grade 6A has a spelling test next week Tuesday and the study sheet is below.  We are also working our way through basic paragraphing.  We have been working on supporting details and next week we will work on closing sentences. 

Have a great week.

Ms. Dean


Google Classroom

For students to access Google Docs, click HERE. For each student from grade 4 to grade 8, their username is their firstname.lastname@ccshamilton.ca. Their password is the same as their chrome book password. If you need the password, please message the teacher about what it is. Although this is similar to an email address, students do not have the email function enabled as they are currently required to be 13 years old before having an email account.

I have not yet added all the students to the classrooms but we will be doing that soon.  Parents can be added as guardians if updates are desired.  We will not be using Google Classroom in the same capacity as with online learning.


You can find some daily assignment names here. 

NOTE**All assignments will be posted in the day they are due.  For example if I assign a math assignment on Tuesday I will be putting it in the Wednesday slot as it is due on Wednesday.  

***Please order PE clothes using the link that was in last week's courier (DUE September 30)**




Spelling Test


Math Test - October 27


Parent initial for the Agenda EACH Thursday




Spelling List

Refer to the Review Sheets at the bottom of this web page for the spelling lists.

Memory Work -  


Links For Learning 


Typing Pal

The CCS Library purchases subscriptions to some databases that you may find helpful. The databases can be used by CCS students and families.


Destiny Discover

Destiny Discover is the OPAC for the CCS Library. It hosts our entire collection, and it can be searched online! Want to see if we have a certain book or two,
and if they are checked in our out? The information a click away!

World Almanac Kids Elementary

Interactive content, Homework Help for grades K-4
Username: calvincs    Password: ccs547


There are lots of goodies here! Suitable for grades 4-8
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Britannica School Edition

Britannica provides articles in 3 levels: Elementary (K-Gr. 3), Middle (Grades 4-6), High (Grades 7-12).
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Britannica Image Quest

All images can be used for any purpose connected to Calvin Christian School.
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Review Sheets

Noun Review 2021 W Grade 6B Download
Spelling Words 2021/2022 Here are all the list words that we hope to cover for the year. W Grade 6B Download
Unit 2 - Math - Review W Grade 6A Download
unit 2 - Math Review- answer W Grade 6A Download