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* remember to bring to school your book for our oral book report!  We will be writing our book reports this Tuesday and will need to use the books to write it. Don't forget!

We had another amazing week together in 5B!  This week was especially meaningful, learning about the events of Holy Week and creating an Easter calendar. The students did an amazing job creating visuals to go with the Bible passages. You should find these calendars in their backpacks. Students also had fun finishing up their stained glass windows, testing out their ski jumpers, and planning pranks for April Fools Day. 
The library will continue to run its virtual Book Fair over the next week. It will run until April 9. There is a link to a Scholastic Virtual Book Fair for our school, where families can go to shop and purchase. You can find all the information on the Library Virtual Book Fair webpage.  
Here is a look at our upcoming week: 

In math, we will take a look at how to add and subtract decimal numbers this week! Hopefully, at the end of the week, we will also have time to play the live game of LIFE. For this game, students will have a job and need to navigate buying items within means of their 'pay cheques' and random expenses that come up in life. It teaches them great skills (like balancing accounts) while using decimal addition and subtraction. 

In Bible, we will begin a new unit on the gospel writers. In this unit, we will investigate the audience that each gospel writer targeted, along with themes and language selection within each book. On Friday, students will also recite their memory work for the week: Romans 10:9. The verse is written out below.  

In science this week, we will continue to learn about the different jobs of the organelles within a cell and how they work together to make the cell function. Later in the week, we will begin a comic strip (The Super Cells") to put together all our information. 

In literature, we will begin to write our oral book reports in class. Please ensure that the novel is actually brought to school for Tuesday's class, as students will need to reference their book quite a bit while writing their scripts. 

Wishing you all a blessed Easter weekend.

Love, Mrs. Reid

Our class code is:   eyh0661 

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For students to access Google Docs, click HERE. For each student from grade 4 to grade 8, their username is their firstname.lastname@ccshamilton.ca. Their password is the same as their chrome book password. If you need the password, please message the teacher about what it is. Although this is similar to an email address, students do not have the email function enabled as they are currently required to be 13 years old before having an email account.



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Memory Work: Romans 10:9

Spelling List


Memory Work

Romans 10:9

"If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

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Oral Book Report These are the guidelines for the oral book report. Students will be given class time every day to read until the Easter weekend. Then, the week after Easter, we will begin to write the report. W Grade 5B Download