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Grade 5A News

God is Here, He is Able, He is Faithful

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Mr. Veldhuis  
Mr. Veldhuis
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Library Time: Tuesday
Gym Days: Monday,Wednesday, and Friday
Reminders: Agendas should be signed by parent's daily.

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Welcome to Grade 5A!  I am looking forward to getting to know you better, and I am excited to start exploring God's awesome world together.
This year our school theme is "God is Here, He is Able, He is Faithful." We will be unpacking this theme, from time to time, in our daily devotions.
The class agendas and this  web page will be the primary ways that I will communicate with you this year. The agenda will be filled out each day with a list of homework assignments, items to bring in to class, studying for upcoming tests quizzes etc. On this web page, you will find a list of special assignments, upcoming tests and quizzes, and special events in the weekly calendar below. In the "Review Sheets" section at the end of this web page you will review sheets for tests and quizzes, project guidelines, and weekly spelling lists. Memory work passages will be noted below the weekly calendar. A review of our past week's work and class happenings will also be found below.
Feel free to contact me with any cares, concerns, and successes of your daughter/son by email or phone.

Be blessed,
~Mr. Veldhuis

Class News


Greetings from the great Grade 5A class!

We were certainly blessed with warm “summer-like” temperatures this past week. Gone are the winter coats from our hooks and on are the shorts!

Although our week was a short one, we were kept busy with ski jumper building in engineering, working on our oral book report/speeches in literature and writing, designing “superhero” cell parts for our “Super Cell Squad” assignment in science as well as completing our daily assignments.

In our Morning meeting on Thursday we learned about the great 20th century humanitarian and activist, Mahatma Gandhi. Through discussing a quote by him and watching a short you-tube clip on his life, we learned that Gandhi used a non-violent approach to protesting injustices he saw in his country. Gandhi’s activism led to the independence of India from British rule in 1947. In his quote - “Be the change that you want to see in the world” -, it was very evident that Gandhi practiced what he preached.

In Bible we began a new unit called “Gospel Writers.” This week, we learned how the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke are called “synoptic”. Ask your daughter or son what this means. As well, we noted that each gospel gives us different portraits of and perspectives on Jesus. In order to understand who Jesus is for each one of us, it is important to read all four gospels. After the April break, we will begin to look more closely at the book of Mark.

Our math classes had us learning how to add and subtract decimals. Lining up the decimals in questions as well as remembering to add and subtract numbers with the same amount of decimal places was practiced time and time again. After the break, we can look forward to learning how to multiply decimals.

Coming up with design #2 of our ski jumpers was the focus of our engineering class this week. After looking over ski jumpers that landed well and went the furthest distances, we noted qualities that all these designs had in common. When we return to school, we can look forward to testing our Plan B ski jumpers.

Working on our oral book report speeches occupied our time in writing and literature classes. We discussed key literary elements (setting, character, and plot) that need to be included in our speech and began thinking about an interesting way to begin our speeches. After the break, we will complete our speeches and begin to memorize these speeches for the upcoming presentations in the first week of May.

As a way to review cell parts and functions, our science class saw us working on the “Super Cell Squad” assignment. Some interesting comic “super hero” cell parts with interesting names have been designed and creative descriptions of special powers (aka jobs of a cell) have been crafted. After the break, we can look forward to beginning work on a three dimensional model of a plant or animal cell.

A recent Bible test, “Creating a Setting Map” evaluation form, and French quiz are being sent home in the Friday Folders. Please sign these folders and return them empty to school after the April break.

Today spring progress reports went home. I want to thank the class for the great work and effort in their studies in this second term. Keep up the awesome work for the remainder of the semester, super students! I look forward to meeting with you, parents, for conferences on either April 20 or 21st.

Have a wonderful April Break, Grade 5. You deserve it!


Mr. Veldhuis

Google Classroom

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Ski Jumper testing with Plan B ski jumper






Simile Poem - Neatly written out with a well designed and coloured picture.

Spelling test #16


Current Events: Jacob V.

Review Sheets can be found at the bottom of this webpage, under Review Sheets

Spelling List: 


Memory work: Romans 10:9

If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

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Review Sheets

Oral Book Report Information sheet Learn what is required for the oral book report/speech presentations by reading over this sheet. W Grade 5A Download
Ski Jumping Challenge Read this sheet to learn about our current engineering challenge. W Grade 5A Download