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West 5th Campus

Field Day 

Teams of approximately 20 students from grades 1-8 are formed for the Field Day activities. The grade 8 students are the team Captains, and the grade 7 students are the co-captains. Each team chooses a team name and a team cheer. There are some play events and competitive events for each team to participate. Points are assigned to the team according to the standards each student achieves in the events. 

Field Day 2023 is fast approaching!  Mark your calendars for May 24!

Track Day

This day is dedicated to running events and ball throw for our older students.  Grade 4 participates in the 800 meter run for the first time, grade 5 participates in the 800 meter and ball throw, and grades 6-8 participate in the 800m run, 200m run, and ball throw.  

Track Day 2023 is fast approaching!  Mark your calendars for May 18!


Track and Field Day Volunteers Needed!!

May 18 (West 5th)- Track Day (grades 4-8 participating)

May 24th (West 5th)- Field Day (grade 1-8 participating)

May 25 (West 5th)- Field Day rain date

Please complete the Track and Field Volunteer Form if you are available to help on one of these dates. You can volunteer for just the morning or afternoon or join the fun all day!

Click HERE to fill in the Track and Field Volunteer Form

Thank-you for considering!

Field Day Map W Sports Download
Field Day Schedule Schedule of times each team is at each event on Field Day W Sports Download
Field Day Standards Find out what the standards are for the Field Day events. W Sports Download
Track Day Standards Track Day Standards W Sports Download
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