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Digital Citizenship

Smart, Safe & Social

The website Smart, Safe & Social: Teaching Kids How to Shine Online provides videos giving demonstrations of apps that tweens and teens are using today. These videos show you how an app is sold, used, and it points out the positive and negative aspects of each, including some danger zones that should be avoided. This resource is a good start to becoming educated about tweens and teens "cyber-life". 

Parent App Guide

Media Smarts: Young Canadians in a Wired World Phase III

This report is drawn from a national survey of Canadian youth conducted by MediaSmarts in 2013. The classroom-based survey of 5,436 students in grades 4 through 11, in every province and territory, examined the role of networked technologies in young people’s lives. Life Online (the first in a series of reports from the survey) focuses on what youth are doing online, what sites they’re going to, their attitudes towards online safety, household rules on Internet use and unplugging from digital technologies.

Young Canadiana Life Online     

Digital Citizenship guide for parentsDigital Citizenship guide to video gamesProject Shift Creating a safer digital world for young women


Logo for Plugged In by Focus on the Family

Plugged-in has a lot of very helpful informaiton for families who are looking for reviews of movies, television, music, games, books and youtube channels. Plugged-in is a publication provided by Focus On The Family.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media has a lot of useful information for parents. They review books, apps, and games, and they provide information on Digital Citizenship for parents.

Their motto is: "We rate, educate, and advocate for kids, families, and schools"

ReThink Words App 

ReThink Words app

A non-intrusive, innovative, patent-pending software product that effectively stops cyberbullying before the damage is done.

Research shows that when adolescents are alerted to ReThink
their decision, they change their minds 93% of the time.


ESRB assigns age and content ratings for video games and mobile apps, enforces advertising and marketing guidelines for the video game industry, and helps companies implement responsible online and mobile privacy practices.