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Hamilton Campus
547 West 5th Street, Hamilton ON

 If you are a registered user on Calvin Christian School Website, click HERE to access the username and passwords for our Database subscriptions. 

If you are not a registered user, click HERE to access the online registration form.

Destiny Discover is the OPAC for the CCS Library.It hosts our entire collection, and it can be searchedonline! Want to see if we have a certain book or two,and if they are checked in our out? The information a click away!Students can log in to their accounts with their CCS Google credentials and build collections to store lists of resources.  

Pebble Go - Animals, Science, Social Studies
PebbleGo is a database that is suited for students in grades JK-3. Our subscription includes 3 modules: Animals, Science, Social Studies

World Almanac Kids elementary Gr. SK-4
Interactive content, Homework Help
Grades SK-4

World Almanac for Kids 

Suitable for Grades 4-8. 
There are a lot of goodies, click HERE for more info. 

We are very excited to be offering Britannica Online School Edition to our students. This is a comprehensive PK-12 Reference Resource that cn be used from any computer with access to the internet.

Britannica Online School Edition offers three levels of content for elementary, middle school, and high school students, plus multiple reference tools, making this a time-saving tool for research.

Included in the package is Britannica Learning Zone, a PK-2 interactive learning environment, teaching concepts that children ages 4-7 are curious about, such as geography, numbers, time, sounds, and much more.

We are very excited to be offering Britannica Image Quest to our students. This resource offers access to more than two million images from more than 50 of the best collections in the world, rights-cleared for non-commercial and educational use. Free from advertising and from trustworthy sources, Image Quest provides safe and fast access to the highest quality images on all topics and for all ages.