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Our basketball season usually takes place during the months of February and March. Girls and boys from grades 7-8 have the opportunity to try out for their respective teams at the beginning of the season. Both basketball teams compete in the HDCH invitational and the Niagara District tournament, which take places mid- to late-March. Keep your ears open for pre-season training in December.



Coming Events
Tuesday Sep. 28 - 2021
Tuesday Sep. 28 - 2021
Put on your best smile, it's Picture Day! 
Wednesday Sep. 29 - 2021
Wednesday Sep. 29 - 2021
Put on your best smile, it's Picture Day! 
Saturday Oct. 2 - 2021
Saturday Oct. 2 - 2021
"For All God's Children" Golf Tournament happens today.
Shine as a child of God.
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