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Wednesday, January 22
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Crazy For You


Thursday, April 16 @ 1:30pm - Dress rehearsal for CCS students
Monday, April 20 @ 1:30pm - Matinee for family, friends, invited guests, school volunteers
Tuesday, April 21 @ 7:00pm - Evening performance
Thursday, April 23 @ 7:00pm - Evening performance

Crazy For You Rehearsal Schedule
After-school rehearsals will take place in the school gym, unless listed otherwise. Only the characters listed need to be at the rehearsals. 

*Note: The dates listed below may be subject to change. Parents will be notified if changes are made. 

Monday, January 27 @ First Recess - Scene Change Practice 
Irene, Mother, Lank 
Tuesday, January 28 @ Lunch Recess - Scene Change Practice 
Colin, Lilianna, Matthew, Elias, Olivia, Makayla, Elizabeth, Deanna
Wednesday, January 29 @ First Recess - Scene Change Practice
Dream Team
Wednesday, January 29 @ 3:30-5:00pm - SCENE 1 and Scene Change Practice
Bobby, Tess, Patsy, Mitzi, Margie, Susie, Betsy, Vera, Zangler, Irene, Mother, Dream Team
Friday, January 31 @ First Recess - Scene Change Practice 
Lilianna and Julianna 
Wednesday, February 5 @ 3:30-5:00pm - SCENE 2 & 3
Extra Cowboys (except Emily & Chiugo), Polly, Moose, Wyatt, Mingo, Millie, Pearl, Sam, Lank, Bobby
Wednesday, February 12 @ 3:30-5:00pm - SCENE 4
Tess, Patsy, Mitzi, Margie, Susie, Vera, Betsy, Bobby, Polly, Lank, Moose, Wyatt, Mingo, Sam, Pearl, Millie, Extra Cowboys (only Caleb, Matthias, Won, Colin, Hudson, Micah D.)
Wednesday, February 19 @ 3:30-5:00pm - SCENES 1-4
Bobby, Polly, Tess, Patsy, Mitzi, Margie, Susie, Betsy, Vera, Zangler, Irene, Mother, Dream Team, All Extra Cowboys, Moose, Wyatt, Mingo, Sam, Pearl, Millie, Lank
TUESDAY, February 25 @ 3:30-5:00pm - SCENE 5
Polly, Bobby, Tess, Lank, Mitzi, Margie, Patsy, Susie, Betsy, Vera, Moose, Wyatt, Mingo, Sam, Pearl, Millie, Irene, Extra Cowboys (only Lily, Elizabeth, Deanna, Makayla, Micah B., Olivia, Derrick, Emily, Chiugo)

* More rehearsal dates coming for March and April!

Those interested in backstage work (stage management, costumes, hair & makeup, set, props, etc) will be invited to sign up at a later date. 

About the Show

The musical is about a banker named Bobby Child who is sent by his bank to a small town (Deadrock, Nevada) to shut down a theatre. Once there, he falls for Polly and decides he wants to help her save the theatre by putting on a big show. Crazy for You is a comedy: it's fast-paced, with lots of mistaken identities, quick exits and entrances, and big show tunes! 

Rehearsal Videos



01 - Opening 1 Musical Download
02 - Fanfare 1 Musical Download
04 - K-Ra-Zy For You 1 Musical Download
06 - Scene Change Another Bothered 1 Musical Download
07 - Bidin' My Time 1 Musical Download
08 - Bobby staggers in 1 Musical Download
09 - Things are looking up 1 Musical Download
10 - Girls enter Nevada (part 1) 1 Musical Download
11 - Girls enter Nevada (part 2) 1 Musical Download
12 - Someone to watch over me 1 Musical Download
13 - Rehearsal slap that bass 1 Musical Download
14 - Slap that bass 1 Musical Download
15 - Embraceable you 1 Musical Download
16 - Tonight's the night (part 1) 1 Musical Download
17 - Tonight's the night (part 2) 1 Musical Download
18 - I got rhythm 1 Musical Download
19 - Zangler staggers in 1 Musical Download
20 - Rhythm (playoff) 1 Musical Download
21 - Stiff upper lip 1 Musical Download
22 - They can't take that away from me 1 Musical Download
23 - Scene change - new promenade 1 Musical Download
24 - Nice work if you can get it 1 Musical Download
25 - Scene change: after nice work 1 Musical Download
26 - Finale 1 Musical Download
27 - Bows I got rhythm 1 Musical Download
28 - Exit music 1 Musical Download
Sing Along Tracks This is a ZIP file with all of the song tracks 1 Musical Download