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Wing It!
JK, SK and primary students are super excited to be performing a musical called Wing It! Wing It! is about supporting your friends and family members ...Full Story
Monday, April 8
The Senior Kindergarten students had a lot of fun preparing for "Wing It!" Read some of their stories here:  SKB ...Full Story
Sunday, April 14
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Crazy For You

Auditions are under way for the spring musical, Crazy for You! 

About the Show

The musical is about a banker named Bobby Child who is sent by his bank to a small town (Deadrock, Nevada) to shut down a theatre. Once there, he falls for Polly and decides he wants to help her save the theatre by putting on a big show. When Polly discovers that Bobby is from the bank, she refuses to talk to him, so Bobby decides to dress up as a famous director, Mr. Bella Zangler, and win her back. He brings a dancing troupe (The Follies) from New York City to Deadrock, and they teach the cowboys how to put on a show!
Crazy for You is a comedy: it's fast-paced, with lots of mistaken identities, quick exits and entrances, and big show tunes!


General auditions are finished. Thanks to everyone who auditioned!!

Callback auditions are:
Tuesday, October 15 from 3:30-4:30pm
Wednesday, October 16 from 3:30-4:30pm

Students who have demonstrated potential for lead roles have been selected to return for Callback Auditions. The list of these students is posted in the senior hallway.
For these auditions, students will sign up for one of two afternoon slots to join a group audition. Callbacks will last for an entire hour.
In advance, students must practice a different scene with four characters in it (Polly, Bobby, Lank, Irene), rehearsing a role they have been assigned on the Callback List. During the Callback Auditions, the Director will select different combinations of students to perform the scene together. The Stage Manager will teach a short dance choreography to the group to test students' dancing skills, and each student will also sing a very short song from the musical, "K-ra-zy For You", which should be practiced in advance. (See the bottom of this page to download the song.)

Following Callback Auditions, the roles will be announced. 

Those interested in backstage work (stage management, costumes, hair & makeup, set, props, etc) will be invited to sign up at a later date. 

Roles in the Show

Bobby - main character, must sing, dance and act (M)
Polly - main character, must sing, dance and act (F)
Mr. Bela Zangler - famous director with an accent, non-singing role (M)
Lank - tough and rude cowboy, non-singing role (M)
Tess - lead dancer of the Follies, must sing, dance and act (F)
Patsy - another dancer of the Follies, must sing, dance and act (F)
Mitzi, Margie, Susie, Betsy, Vera - other Follies dancers, must sing, dance and act (F)
Irene - bossy woman who thinks she is Bobby's fiancee, non-singing role (F)
Lottie - Bobby's bossy mother, non-singing role (F)
Moose - cowboy who can't dance, but should be able to sing (M)
Pete, Wyatt, Billy, Mingo, Sam - cowboys who can sing and dance (M or F)
Eugene - a British tourist with an accent, sings and dances a bit (M)
Patricia - a British tourist with an accent, must sing, dance and act (F)
Non-speaking Roles - other cowboys or dancers 


Rehearsals will begin once all the roles are decided. Rehearsals will probably be once a week after school, and smaller groups will have reviewing rehearsals during some morning recesses. Specific dates and times are still being decided. 
Students who are cast for main roles will need to be at almost all of the rehearsals, since they will be in almost all of the scenes. Students with smaller roles will need to be at fewer rehearsals. Closer to the performance, all students involved in the musical will need to be at all of the rehearsals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to memorize the whole scene for my audition? No, you do not need to memorize the audition scene. However, if you are auditioning for a major role and want to impress the Director, memorizing the lines shows that you are taking it seriously and showing initiative! You can always have the script with you in auditions. 
Do I need to audition if I want a backstage role? No, you can sign up for backstage help later. 
Do I need to audition if I want a non-speaking role on stage? Yes, we would love to see everyone who wants to be on stage at the auditions. 
I've been assigned a role to rehearse for Callbacks. Does that mean I am auditioning for only that role? No, we needed to divide up the parts in the scene between everyone evenly, so we assigned everyone a role. We will still be considering everyone for any part, based on your level of confidence and experience during Callbacks!
I am nervous about Callback auditions. What can I expect? There will be three adults there to watch the auditions. Callbacks will be group auditions of about 11 students each. The auditions will be divided into three parts: 20 minutes of Acting, 20 minutes of Singing, and 20 minutes of Dancing. You will be asked to act out the scene with three other students (that we choose), sing the song "K-ra-zy For You", and learn a short choreography. Your job is to show us your acting, singing and dancing skills, and your confidence! We are rooting for you!  
I didn't make it on the Callbacks List. Can I still be in the musical? Yes, there are many small or non-speaking parts for students who want to be in the musical. We are still considering you for a smaller part if you auditioned.  

01 - Opening 1 Musical Download
02 - Fanfare 1 Musical Download
04 - K-Ra-Zy For You 1 Musical Download
06 - Scene Change Another Bothered 1 Musical Download
07 - Bidin' My Time 1 Musical Download
08 - Bobby staggers in 1 Musical Download
09 - Things are looking up 1 Musical Download
10 - Girls enter Nevada (part 1) 1 Musical Download
11 - Girls enter Nevada (part 2) 1 Musical Download
12 - Someone to watch over me 1 Musical Download
13 - Rehearsal slap that bass 1 Musical Download
14 - Slap that bass 1 Musical Download
15 - Embraceable you 1 Musical Download
16 - Tonight's the night (part 1) 1 Musical Download
17 - Tonight's the night (part 2) 1 Musical Download
18 - I got rhythm 1 Musical Download
19 - Zangler staggers in 1 Musical Download
20 - Rhythm (playoff) 1 Musical Download
21 - Stiff upper lip 1 Musical Download
22 - They can't take that away from me 1 Musical Download
23 - Scene change - new promenade 1 Musical Download
24 - Nice work if you can get it 1 Musical Download
25 - Scene change: after nice work 1 Musical Download
26 - Finale 1 Musical Download
27 - Bows I got rhythm 1 Musical Download
28 - Exit music 1 Musical Download
Sing Along Tracks This is a ZIP file with all of the song tracks 1 Musical Download