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Hamilton Campus
547 West 5th Street, Hamilton ON

Donation Pledge via credit card to

Calvin Christian School

547 West 5th Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L9C 3P7

2020 has been a year of many challenges for many people. Calvin Christian School has not been spared those challenges. When the COVID-19 health crisis struck our community, we were quick to act to ensure that the students of CCS were able to learn in a safe and healthy environment. The actions taken to ensure that our students were still equipped to shine have resulted in a significant financial deficit. The CCS Board of Directors asks that you prayerfully consider what you can contribute to help address this shortfall and to ensure the long term viability of Christian education in the Hamilton and surrounding area.

Given the fact that our deficit is approximately $135,000 after the successful drive, and that we have approximately 225 families, we request that you consider a pledge anywhere from $600 and up ($300 for a part time family). Perhaps you are in a financial position to consider a pledge for a family that is not able to donate at this time. We would be grateful if you consider an additional pledge amount. Your gift and the ongoing fundraising efforts of the school will hopefully provide us with the financial basis to continue to provide Christian education to many more children.

If you have already contributed to the year end 2020 Annual Drive, you can consider your pledge already met. If however, you did not have the opportunity to donate to the drive, we kindly ask that you consider a pledge to help us eliminate our deficit.

Please note in accordance with our Donations Policy, if a program or initiative is either overfunded or can not be completed, the Board may redirect the funds for another program, or project, or where the most need is.