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CCS Program of Studies: Learning From Home, Online Communication
"Equipping to Shine’"(2 Timothy 3:17)

During this time of Learning from Home, online communication platforms have become a virtual meeting place for staff, students, parents/guardians, and other CCS stakeholders. The online platforms provide efficient and meaningful opportunities for communication in order to carry out the vision and mission of the school community. In all communication, technology-related or not, it is vital to maintain safe and professional practices. In the current home-based learning context, the school and staff must continue to remain diligent in protecting participants in online communication. All participants must be aware that the educational use of electronic communication requires caution and best practices for safe use by everyone.

In the coming weeks, teachers will initiate video conferencing for weekly classroom meetings with their students. We believe the meetings will provide students with opportunities for continued spiritual and social/emotional growth, through devotions and classroom relationship-building activities. For a variety of reasons, CCS chose the Google Hangout Meet platform to carry out video conferencing sessions. 

We are communicating that staff and students should adhere to the following guidelines when participating in a Google Meet Hangout virtual session.


  • The time schedule of the online classroom meeting will be communicated to parents/students in advance of the meeting
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to provide supervisory support during the session
  • At least two staff members must be in the call the whole time 
  • The second staff member will work to manage the students and the chat line
  • The staff members will be present in the video call before the conference link is shared with students
  • A staff member will be the last member to leave a call
  • Conferences are not to be recorded without specific permission
  • The meeting will be deleted once the conference is complete


  • Meeting Space: set up in a public area in your home (i.e., living room, home office, kitchen)
  • Muting: limit background noise (i.e., streaming music or video), mute yourself until you are asked to speak
  • Respectful: online interactions should be respectful and adhere to the existing CCS Code of Conduct 
  • Dress Code: dress as you would for in-class learning
  • Please note: for any inappropriate conduct or chat, students may be removed from the meeting and the chat will be deleted; parents will be informed of the conduct

Technical Supports

  • With assigned Google accounts, students may join a call, but can not create their own call
  • Grid view extension has been put out to facilitate better viewing of each other
  • The "record session" function has been disabled for students