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Please check the list at the bottom of this screen for additional forms you may require for the new school year.

Additional Fees for 2019-2020


will replace Special Lunch & Milk orders!

We are pleased to announce that our school has joined Lunch Box Orders, a convenient online platform for parents who choose to order healthy meals for their children (at this point in time) once per week!  Our milk program will also be using this system for delivery still two times per week. This program will be in place of our traditional “Special Lunch Days”. There are no complex forms or missed deadlines as it is done online and is paperless and cashless! Some of the vendors we will include are Swiss Chalet, Topper’s Pizza, Pita Pit, Subway, Quesada, Burger’s Priest, and the Lunch Lady. More information will be sent home during the first week of school looking forward to a launch date of September 9 with the first special lunch being served on Wednesday, September 18. Stay tuned!

This year, we are accepting orders and payment for Additional Fees online.
Please fill in 1 form per child. 

One payment per family is accepted when paying by cheque, debit or e-Transfer. 

We offer a variety of payment type options. 

  1. Cheque or Debit payment - due in the office by Friday September 6, 2019
  2. e-Transfer payment 
  3. Credit Card payment (2% processing fee will be applied)

Welcome to our Online Order Form for the items that your child(ren) may be responsible for during the upcoming school year. 

This form is optimized for desktop and laptop computers, not mobile or apple devices, sorry for the inconvenience.

Fill in 1 online form per student in JK through Grade 8.

There may be other student fees (ex. Gr. 6 Fair Glen trip, Gr. 8 Ottawa trip) and other fund raising activities (ex. outreach service projects, special needs, Fund Raising committee etc.) occurring during the school year. These fees and activities will be announced via the Courier.

Deadline for ordering & payment: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6.

Payment Options:

  • Cheque - send to the office
  • Debit - there is a debit machine in the office
  • eTransfer - Follow your online banking instructions
  • Credit Card - there will be a 2% processing fee added 




The required items include Student Fund for all students and gym clothes for some students. If your child already has gym clothes, then you do not need to purchase those items this year.
STUDENT FUND The Student Fund is a significant source of revenue that helps pay expenditures related to field trips, class trips, tournaments, field day, choir/band performances, awards, instruments, agendas, etc. Parents of students in the "Come-Along K" programs will be asked to pay for any field/class trips separately.

Student Fee - 2 selections available

Quantity = 1 only

$50.00 Quantity
$25.00 Quantity
GYM CLOTHES (Grades 4-8) Gym Clothes will be available for sizing and pick up at the Back-to-School BBQ on Friday September 13.
$14.00 Quantity
$8.00 Quantity

$13.00 Quantity

Please check your order - changes cannot be made online to submitted orders!

If paying by cheque, debit or e-Transfer; select the Payment Type as "Cheque" option. You may submit 1 total payment per family with these forms of payment.

533.1 Parent to teacher Information Form. Please fill in this form to share specific information about your child with their classroom teacher. H Office Download
551 Dress Code H Office Download
562.7 Custody Arrangements - Policy and Form H Office Download
563.3 Adminisration of Medication - Policy and Form H Office Download
730.1 After School Care Registration - Form H Office Download
730.2 Before School Care Registration - Form H Office Download
771 Robotics Program Registration - Form H Office Download
771 (Korean) Robotics Program Registration (Korean version) - form H Office Download
Facts of Lice Important information about lice. H Office Download