Walk/Bike-a-thon 2021

Thank you for participating in the CCS Virtual Walkathon/Bikeathon this year!

Welcome to our first ever virtual walkathon/bikeathon! As we are not allowed to gather outdoors, it will be run a little differently this year. Rather than gathering together as a school family, we encourage you to get out and walk or bike in your neighbourhood or on trails near you. And, instead of a one day event, the Walkathon/Bikeathon will run from Friday May 21 to Sunday June 6. Please have the money sent to the school by Wedensday June 9.

The suggested distances foryounger students are 2km walk or 5km bike, and for older students 5km walk or 10 km bike. As a family, you can choose which fits you best and then let your psonsors know how far you'll go!

Participants will receive a $10 voucher for each $100 raised in sponsorship. Please circle your choice of voucher below ifyou ahve raised over $100. The vouchers will be provided to the participants in the weeks following the walkathon/bikeathon.

Walmart          Wendy's          A&W          Ciniplex          Chapters/Indigo          Canadian Tire          Tim Hortons

Please note these important details:

  1. Please follow social distancing and public health measures when reaching out to sponsors and collecting the sponsorship money.
  2. Discuss as a family how long your trek will be and inform your sponsors.
  3. If your sponsors are playing by cheque, please have them make the cheques payable to you. Then submit one cheque or e-transfer per family to the scool for ease of collection.
  4. Upload your sponsorship form to fundraising@ccshamilton.ca and have money into the school by Wednesday June 9.

Walk/Bike-a-thon 2021 Information and the sponsor form for the Walk/Bike-a-thon 2021 W Fundraising Download