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Ancaster Fair
On Friday, September 21, grade 1a had an awesome day at the Ancaster Fair. Despite the very windy conditions, the students said they had a great time ...Full Story
Monday, October 22
Grade 5 Thanksgiving Meal
On Friday, October 5, if you happened to be at CCS you might have smelled something yummy throughout the halls. Chances are that it was the grade 5 ...Full Story
Thursday, October 11
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Volunteer Opportunities @ Calvin Christian School

This form works best on a desktop or laptop computer, 
It is not optimized to be used on a mobile or apple device.

Volunteering At Calvin Christian School serves two very important purposes:

  1. It provides parents with opportunities to serve in their school community and get to know other parents and help committees, teachers and students.
  2. It provides extra revenue for the operating budget and reduces expenses, all of which help keep tuition in line.   

Many families would like to pay a lower tuition fee. This is possible through fundraising efforts and through the help of volunteers. Please do not take these things for granted. Should you be called on, directly or indirectly, please consider helping out.

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this form and we are appreciative of those who volunteer their time. Calvin Christian School is a member-run organization dependent on parental involvement. Staff, Board of Directors and committee members may use this form to gain valuable information pertaining to your skills, talents and professions for possible use in our school community - to God's glory!

Please fill in one form per person. 

What is your current volunteer role at CCS?
Please indicate the volunteer opportunity you are interested in for 2018/19:
I am interested in helping at the reSource Thrift Shop:

1050 Upper Gage Street

I am available to help with the following community events: