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In past years at Calvin Christian School, our students have been active participants in school life. This year, we are excited to offer the CCS Leadership Team Program “STEEL BEAMS” for the second year. STEEL BEAMS provides structure and organization to student involvement in a variety aspects of school life. We are offering students in grades 4-8 opportunities to be involved in various leadership activities. Students will receive Winnit Stickers at the awards assembly in June for their involvement in this program. Each student is encouraged to participate in the program, and to develop the gifts and talents God has given them. It is one more way that we are being intentional in equipping our students to shine.

We ask you to encourage your child to find opportunities that best match their skills and interests. 

Students are invited to apply for up to four teams. Team Leaders will carefully consider each applicant, and select participants they believe are best suited to their team. Most teams have a maximum number of members, so students are encouraged to apply to three teams. It is our hope that most students who apply will be placed on at least one team.

Please note that some activities are not included in the Student Leadership Program, such as bands, choirs, praise team, or sports teams, which require auditions. Foot Patrols and Bus Patrols, and Cheese Committee, which use a specialized selection process are also not included.

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