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First Hire @ Unity Road Campus!
We are thrilled to announce the first hiring at Unity Campus!  Mrs. Amanda Breimer has been hired as the Vice Principal at the new school. Mrs. ...Full Story
Wednesday, March 11
The Results Are In!
The results are in!  After an amazing Information Evening on January 30, with approximately 150 people attending, we have compiled the results of ...Full Story
Friday, February 28
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School Counselling at CCS

Today, January 29, 2020, is Bell Let's Talk Day. We, as a school, are promoting Mental Health Wellness and Awareness this year by using the school wide initiate of teaching all children the Zones of Regulation to better understand, identify, express, and regulate emotions. 



Some of you may have heard your kids talking about OCEAN breathing or SQUEEZIES!!
Over the last few months, I have been visiting the classrooms with the Occupational Therapist, Nicole Raftis, teaching students about emotion regulation, using concepts from the Zones of Regulation. This is part of a school wide initiative to increase social and emotional well-being by learning how to label, express, and manage emotions. There are 3-4 main concepts that are being taught.
  1. Emotions and our Brains: The hand model of the brain (Dr. Dan Siegal) is used to explain that when emotions get too big, our thinking/problem solving part of our brain can get pushed “offline”.

  • Video to explain hand model of the brain

  1. The Zones of Regulation: understanding the feelings in the four zones (blue, green, yellow, red)

  1. Yellow Zones Tools: discovering new ways to calm our feelings and bodies, so we can think and problem solve (getting our thinking brains back “online”). Understanding that all emotions are ok but not all actions are okay. Each class comes up with their own list of tools and practices them in the moment.

  2. Recognizing how thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and actions are connected and how this can be helpful in managing our responses to difficult situations. (Gr.6-8)

November 17-23

This week is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, Ontario Ministry of Education
Here are some of the resources teachers are using to address this important topic:

Ontario Ministry of Education - Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Psychology Today - "Is it rude, is it mean, or is it bullying?"

We are excited to offer this NEW program at CCS this year, to meet the mental health needs of the students. 

~Mrs. Schinkel