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The Pursuit Of Change

Student Lives ChangedJanuary is a time of transitions and change. We transition from one year into the next, anticipating events like the arrival of another birthday. Notices start appearing in the mail indicating that our hydro rates have changed. We change the batteries in our smoke detectors and we reflect on changes we want to make in our lives. We tend to think of starting new hobbies or striving for new fitness goals. Somehow a new year makes us long for change. What change are we really longing for?

There is a deep set longing for something new, something more, and something different in each one of us. We may use this inner spurring to prompt us to work towards healthier cooking this year or to strive for closer relationships with friends or family. However, are these the real reasons the Creator gave us these inner longings for something new?

He is calling each of us to a renewal with him; a deeper and closer walk with our Lord, a clearer understanding of why He sent his Son to earth as a tiny baby. That baby would grow to be a man without sin and in turn would die on the cross for our sins. We long for something new because we long for Christ.

Yet, there are many people in this world who do not understand these longings or know this truth. They are simply making New Year’s resolutions and hoping to instill some sort of change into their own lives. Unfortunately, most of us have experience with failed and forgotten resolutions. We all need help making significant and lasting changes in our lives. We need help finding the purpose of our lives. The Epiphany light that God sent into our darkness is here and shines for the whole world to see. We see that we need Christ.

We are very fortunate as Christian educators in a Christian School, to have the opportunity to share the gospel with our students on a daily basis. We assist our students in understanding this desire for something new and we can show them that this is an invitation from their Creator to receive more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).


Judy VanderWindt

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