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New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to the new calendar year! Welcome to the new CCS website! Welcome to our first blog! 

A couple of thoughts usually cross my mind at the time we begin a new calendar year, and I carry these same sentiments when we begin a new school year in September. I wonder what the Lord has in store for us. I worry about student health and safety. I think about certain families in terms of their relationships and financial stability. How will things look at the end of the year (i.e. in June for the school year or in December for the calendar year or even think about a fiscal year)? Granted, a new year often comes with plans for changes or announcements to introduce new ideas and programs. It tends to usher in a measure of excitement. But there are also those silent worries and those issues that need fixing.

This brings me to something that usually accompanies a new year: making promises or resolutions. I suspect many of us have made a New Year’s resolution. I suspect one of the more popular personal resolutions involves health or diet. God also made a resolution. I think a new year began for Him when man sinned and had to depart from the Garden of Eden. So God made a resolution in Genesis 3:15. He promised that He would send someone to stand between His people and the evil one. God continues to unfold His resolution. Jesus did come and die for our sin, He continues to look out for His people, and the fuller accomplishment of the resolution will occur when He returns and judges the world. As we focus on our resolutions, our promises, our "New Year’s” plans and programs, let us not lose sight of God’s resolution. A reward awaits us for sure.

One of our CCS resolutions was to get an updated website up and running by January. Here we are, we’ve made a start. One important feature of the new website is that it is accessible for people with disabilities, as it is WCAG compliant. We have made it easier to view the website on mobile devices. Furthermore, we have placed many of our documents and forms for our parents in an easy to locate format on the website. News items, including a blog, will be featured. We plan to phase out the classroom news feature in the Courier and make the website the "go to” place for classroom news.There is much more. Look around!

Our blog will include articles and opinions from the staff. We are also considering asking school members to submit articles. This idea fits with one of our educational strategies and that is one of partnership with parents. The website serves a dual purpose: to draw in inquirers but also to provide our parents and teachers the tools needed to communicate and collaborate as we together seek to educate the children the Lord has entrusted to us. May the Lord be pleased to bless our personal and collective resolutions to the glory of His name.

~ Mr. Ted Postma, Principal
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