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Administrative Assistant Day

April 26 is Administrative Professionals Day.

It certainly is appropriate to set aside a day for administrative professionals. These people are, in most situations, the “front line” staff.

At Calvin Christian School, our front office personnel are Marlene Gallea (Office Manager) and Lianna Reitsma (Office Assistant). Although differing in job descriptions, these two women have many tasks in common. In fact, these tasks amount to just about everything, the unwritten yet presumed.

Without a doubt, these ladies are the pulse of the school. They know what is going on. They are the people to go to when you need to know what is going on, and if you need advice, suggestions, and guidance. They respond to staff and students and parents gathered in the office, while responding to door bells and deliveries and telephone calls. They deal lovingly with injuries, the serious and the not so serious but deemed serious. They follow up on Board of Director and committee requests, gather and distribute cheese orders, and ensure hard copies and e-blasts of the Courier are sent out. They also... I am sure you can fill in the rest.

We would like to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in their honour. Marlene and Lianna have the gifts, skills, and personalities that make our front office run smoothly. They have a heart for the well-being of students, staff and parents. They serve to make a difference. We thank God for placing Marlene and Lianna in our school and we gladly celebrate this day in their honour. Thank you, Marlene and Lianna, for all that you do at Calvin Christian School.

Mr. T. Postma


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