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Book Ninjas

What happens when the stimulating author Sigmund Brouwer comes and talks to Kindergarten students? Books get written! After Sigmund Brouwer's visit to Calvin Christian School, the Kindergarten students have been inspired to write books.

It began with one child who wrote a book at home that he wanted to share with his peers. Mrs. Wiebenga quickly provided an author's chair so he could share his story - and this is how the "grabber" happened!

Since that day, the children have created lots of books! Big ones, small ones, some with words and others simply with pictures. We have seen stories about Pokemon, insects, Jesus and so much more. Learning has exploded as they explore how to bind a book - should they use glue? tape? or a stapler? Do they want pages made of white paper or coloured construction paper? May they start a book at school and then take it home to continue working on it? Words needed to be sounded out.  Library books were used to research facts. Computers were used to find pictures, so their illustrations were clear representations. Stories needed to be practiced so they could give high quality presentations. Great learning happened!

Thank you Sigmund Brouwer for your inspiration, and for creating "Story Ninjas" in Kindergarten!

Sigmund Brouwer


Mrs. McKnight

~Mrs. McKnight


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