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Battle of the Books

Another exciting tournament of the Battle of the Books is behind us. We had a very successful season, with a great turnout of students wanting to be part of the battle. The requirements to becoming a member on a team involve reading eight books and completing a short report on each book. There is a junior and a senior level. The books for both the junior and senior team were well enjoyed! We ended up with four teams that represented Calvin on April 5th - our Battle Day - with approximately 6 students on each team as we headed to Grimsby Mountain View CRC - where the day was hosted by Covenant Christian School. There were a total of six schools participating.

Prior to the battle date, many, many recesses are spent studying the books, and becoming familiar with every little detail of the stories, as well as knowing the title and author of each novel. Mr. Veldhuis, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Vanderwindt, and Mrs. Eising are the coaches for the teams, and they assist the students in their preparation. On the day of the battle, two types of questions are posed to the contestants: battle questions and lightening questions. Calvin was well represented on our Battle Day: Teams ‘Senior A’ and ‘Junior B’ both won third place and were awarded with two new books that will be placed in our school library. Way to go!

Many thanks for the hard work the students put into preparing for the day, and for the many parents that encouraged us, drove us, and cheered us on. A special thank you to Mrs. Goodwin, who as a chair person put in many hours of preparation for this exciting day. Lastly, we thank our heavenly Father for the gift of creative writing and the joy that books bring us. Grade 8 students, we hope you will continue to enjoy the pleasure of reading for many more years! For the rest of the students: we hope to see all of you back again next year! Thanks for being part of BOB! It’s been a great year!

Mrs. Eising

~Mrs. Eising

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