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Importance of Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conference Tips

Calvin Christian School's vision is that all God's children are “thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 2:17). Conferences are a wonderful way for parents and teachers to partner together in Christian community towards this vision. Conferences not only deepen the parent/teacher relationship, but they also help each to have a better understanding of the gifts, concerns, needs and goals going forward for the child.

So how can we make the most of a parent/teacher conference? Whether it's your first conversation or an ongoing conversation with the teacher, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

BEFORE the Conference
Be sure your child understands that the conference is nothing to be worried about. Rather it is a time where we are all coming together to talk about how to help your child best. Have a discussion with your child and find out what subjects they enjoy. What are your child's strengths/weaknesses? Talk about any concerns your child may have either academically or socially. Write down any questions/concerns you may have. Prioritize the list in case you run out of time.

DURING the Conference
Be on time. The conference evening is often fully booked and each minute of your conference is precious. Remember that we all want the same thing: the best for your child. Ask the important questions first. If there are still items that you wish to follow up on, make plans with the teacher for that follow up. Take notes. Respectfully discuss differences in opinion. By communicating respectfully together these differences in opinion, we can reach a greater understanding of the child. Work together to create an action plan of ways that you can support your child at home in areas of struggle. Thank one another for the time taken to celebrate and support your child. Pray for one another.

AFTER the Conference
Talk with your child. Emphasize the strengths and positive points discussed with the teacher. Be honest about the concerns. Fully explain any action plans that were made to help support the child. Start those plans immediately. Remind your child that this conference is intended to help the child. Keep in touch with the teacher especially if any action plan was created. Support one another in prayer.

The parent/teacher conferences are intended to be a wonderful tool in deepening the understanding of each child and developing communication between home and school. By following these before, during and after tips, our hope is that your parent/teacher conference is a meaningful time.

Mrs. VanVoorst

~ Mrs. Van Voorst

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