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Assessment and Report Cards

Assessment and Report Cards 

Assessment is an exciting and important component of good teaching. A teacher conducts assessments before learning takes place, while learning is taking place and after learning has taken place. In the education industry, we usually say, assessment for learning, assessment during learning and assessment of learning. When the teacher readies the student for learning, the teacher may wish to know what the student already knows, or what the student has already mastered. Assessment for learning indicates whether the teacher's lesson plans and unit plans need to be modified. Then, as learning occurs, the teacher may wish to know whether the student is progressing in meeting the skill objectives or learning outcomes. If not, what can be done? The teacher may decide the appropriate learning has happened, or provide additional lessons to provide the students opportunities to meet the skill objectives. Then finally, there is the summative test or assignment. At this point, the teacher conducts an assessment of learning. Much good work has gone into preparing the student for a final assessment.

Calvin Christian School has embarked on a whole new set of reporting protocol regarding student performance. This protocol exists to provide parents with information early in the school year concerning student work habits, behaviour and academic performance, by means of a progress report and a parent/teacher conference. Both the teacher and the parents love to see the student growth and achievement. The progress report serves as an early indicator of student achievement, and indicates areas for growth and improvement. The progress report becomes the basis for further reporting at the subsequent parent\/teacher conference. The motive behind the reporting protocol is to give parents and students time to follow “next steps” so that by the time a student obtains the final report card for the semester, much good work had been done by teacher, the student and parents in preparation for assessment of learning.

Mr. T. Postma, Principal
Mr. T. Postma, Principal

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