Hamilton Campus
547 West 5th Street, Hamilton ON

Annual Bazaar

It wasn’t the first flurries or ‘the Mr. Postma’s birthday celebration’ sugar rush. It wasn’t even the P.A. day, but something was in the air on Thursday November 13. The buzz filled the classrooms, it filled the hallways and was the common topic of all playground talk. The BAZAAR weekend was here! On November 15th Calvin Christian School held their annual Bazaar. The community was filled with excitement.

No matter what your age there is always something for everyone. Face painted children filled the hallways with handfuls of jars from the bottle room games, full cakes from the cakewalk, a big smile after getting through the box maze or rubbery legged from the bouncy castle. Parents and grandparents collecting frozen meals, desserts, jewelry, and decor from many of the rooms to explore. And many people from the community coming to support our school through the silent auction and the live auction that evening. It was a great day of community for all.

Much hard work went into arranging for this day to take place, and we thank all those on the bazaar committee and those who volunteered their time in the many rooms on Saturday. What a great way to come together to raise funds for a Christ-centred education for our children! ~ABR


Bazaar - Front Foyer


 Bottle Room
 Live Auction Items  Lunch in the gym

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