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2014 Campaign

2014 Drive

Principalís Message by Ted Postma

Principal Mr. Ted PostmaWe often mention that we are here to assist parents by providing a Christian education. Accordingly, we have sought to provide curricular and extra-curricular programs designed to nurture and enrich all of Godís children. But, there is something to consider: some families have had to withdraw from CCS because they simply do not have the finances to continue. We say farewell to each other with sadness. In this context, we are challenged to be here for their children as well. There are two ways to address this concern: 1) improve our Tuition Bursary Fund so that it can be stretched further and be more accessible; 2) invite the broader community to participate in supporting items in our budget which benefit the community. And so, dear friend, please consider donating to our Tuition Bursary Fund or our Building Reserve Fund or our Bus Reserve Fund. Your participation will help a family as well as help keep our tuition at a reasonable level so that all of Godís children may receive Christian education.

Tuition Assistance Fund

We are striving to make Christian education affordable for all those seeking a Christian education. Our Tuition Bursary Fund is set up to assist families who are financially challenged and are unable to afford the full cost of Christian education due to lost jobs, etc. It is a confidential process that looks at each request individually. Over the last ten years the need for this type of support has grown by over 600%. Regretfully we have declined or reduced requested assistance for over five families in the last two years. Please help make Christian education affordable!

Bus Reserve Fund

CCS will be operating a fleet of six school buses in September to safely transport many children to and from school each day from our large catchment area. To keep our fleet up to date and maintain bus reliability, CCS needs to replace one bus every two years. The cost of a new bus is approximately $100,000. Your donation to the Bus Reserve Fund helps fund this important need.

Building Reserve Fund

The Calvin Christian School building is over 45,000 square feet of classrooms, gym, kitchen, office space and more. There are no areas in the school building that are not being used for educational purposes, administrative duties, before and after school programs and outside rentals. Our building is constantly being used for the glory of God. The Building Reserve Fund is there to help make sure that Calvin Christian School maintains a high quality, up-to-date school facility for our staff and students. Your donation to the Building Reserve Fund will help Calvin Christian School meet the needs of tomorrow.  

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