Hamilton Campus
547 West 5th Street, Hamilton ON

March 2016

reSource Thrift Store Surprise!

"No way!!" I thought after my wife Anne volunteered me to help her out at our Resource Thrift Store one Friday afternoon. But really I knew my refusal was futile, I had been "voluntold"... I simply had to help!! 

What I discovered at the store surprised me. I want to tell you about it. 

I love seeing the other volunteers really enjoying themselves. New friendships are made as jokes and general banter abound.

reSource Thrift Store

The shoppers too love the atmosphere in the store, often finding unique and unusual gifts (today we sold a polished ostrich egg!) or maybe find that piece of furniture they have been looking for. I've seen volunteers use their workplace gifts years after retirement. In summary, I've seen and felt real Christian community.

We often see articles in our newspapers telling us how beneficial it is for our health to volunteer some time doing something we enjoy, for a cause we are passionate about where the benefits are focused on others rather than ourselves. Please remember the CCS Resource Thrift Store is on your doorstep. We would love to welcome you as a shopper, a volunteer, or with donations. In fact, you might enjoy doing all three!

Finally I have discovered a feeling within me of thankfulness toward all those who have made the store a reality. I know I am not the only one who feels that way. Look at the wonderful welcome the school gave our volunteers at our annual thank you dinner in February.

The Resource Thrift Store is available for us all to enjoy.We are getting busier and busier. Have you got any donations for us? Would you like to join us as a volunteer?

Contact details : shop number 905-560-5410 Email info@re-sourcethriftshop.ca

~Chris French

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