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7 Years War



On November 9th the class of 7B started to work on a history project involving imovies. We were assigned groups to work on the project. What we focused on was The Seven Years’ War. It was a very cool topic where the British fought the French for seven years. We were told to act out the war from either the British or the French perspectives based on the objective factors, meaning the factors we can measure, e.g. troops, population, and amount of forts. Most of the groups focused on the French perspective even though the British actually won the war.


We got out of writing an essay, so it was very fun. Sometimes it was hard to cooperate with the group, but all the projects were very well done. Some of the characters were just hilarious and well played. The process was hard but it beat doing an essay any day. There were some amazing edited movies, and some had some hilarious sound effects. Some of the challenges were to get all the people in the movie, to get your lines right, and not mess up by laughing. We had a great time filming these and none of us failed, so that was good. We learned a lot by working in groups and researching The Seven Years’ War.


~ Joshua Campbell

~Eli Schat



Here is group one - Chloe, Karis, Jaden, Claire H., Mikaela, Eli

Here is group two - Chelsea, Sam, Jorja, Caleb O., Solomon, Kayden

Here is group three - Joel, Lauryn, Alex, Matt, Chibueze

Here is group four - Sydney, Rebecca, Lucas, Logan, Madison

Here is group five - Josh, Zach, Caleb V. Max, Claire W., Myla

Click to watch and enjoy.