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Super Emma Joyfully Yours Inc.

Joyfully Yours Inc.

In the summer of 2016, 8-year-old Emma decided to spend her summer starting her own business. What would seem like a crazy idea for an 8-year-old, was quite simple in her mind. When questioned about why, Emma’s response has been; “I want to make people know more about Jesus through acts of kindness, and I need to make money to be able to carry out these acts of kindness.” Well, God can use all of us for his works, even the smallest, and she has proven this with every step she takes on her mission.

It took Emma a few weeks to work out exactly the business she wanted to create. It had to be something fun and what could be more fun than creating bath bombs. Emma spent many hours testing and perfecting her recipe. Then planning the different color and fragrance combinations that she thought would work well together and would make others happy. Emma quickly learned, that running a business takes a lot of work and will not always go per plan. Her first sale was at 50 Point yacht club during their summer BBQ. One thing to note about bath bombs, they do not go well with rain.

With her first sale under her belt, Emma decided that her identity should not be disclosed, to keep the acts of kindness more special, and this is when “Super Emma”, with the superpower of spreading love and kindness, was created. The first act of kindness that Emma chose was to make activity kits for McMaster Hospital ER kids. In each kit Emma included a box of crayons, small coloring book, a small craft and of course, a super hero mask. Her mission was to help kids, like her little brother, who experienced a trauma during Christmas of 2015 and end up being cared for by the staff at McMaster hospital. These kits were given to the ER child life specialists, to distribute to kids who enter the ER in stressful circumstances, like which her brother experienced. Emma’s vision was that these kits would take the mind of the kids off of the situation at hand.

Joyfully Yours Inc. has since expanded from the picnic table at 50 Point Conservation area, to mom-to-mom sales and then with the creation of the website This website and the professional photography were gifted to Emma by Rachel Lerch. The idea was to let others know about Emma’s work so they could follow her acts of kindness and join in when something moved them. The website was also designed to update her followers on new bath bomb creations and accept orders for her products. The power of her website and facebook page, have been moving. Emma has received many messages of encouragement and questions from strangers asking how they can also become involved.

With each sale Emma attends she matches it to an act of kindness. During the fall Emma was busy partnering with Ronald McDonald House and Wentworth Heights Nursing home. In September, Emma donated travel size toiletries, individually wrapped snacks and activity kits to Ronald McDonald House. This was a moving experience, as she surprised them with the donation and they cleared their schedule to spend an hour touring our superhero around. Emma was given the opportunity to meet everyone and to ask many questions. This is truly a magical place.

On November 22nd, Emma recruited the help of many to pull off a tea party for the residents at Wentworth Heights Nursing home. She received the support from West Highland Baptist Church Oasis ladies, who made all the cookies for the tea party. She gained the support from Calvin Christian School’s Kindergarten class, who made cards to be gifted to each guest. She also gained the support from three friends who used their gifts of music to entertain the guests. This was truly a magical night, what started as a tea party ended with a rocking night of Karaoke and guess the Christmas carol game! The most memorable moment was leaving and the girls all asking when we could go back again. This feeling was shared by Wentworth Heights Nursing home, as the staff extended an invitation for us to return. As one of the staff told me “There is something about seniors and kids that just works so well together.”

Now we are quickly approaching Christmas and Super Emma has been busy filling orders for her bath bombs and planning her final act of kindness for 2016. Super Emma will be returning to McMaster Hospital, this time reaching the in-patient children. McMaster Hospital will be accepting Emma’s donation of new “stuffies”, with tags still attached, to distribute to children in the hospital during Christmas. She has a goal to reach 50 children, currently has enough presents for 30 children. To reach this goal, Emma is accepting donations of new “stuffies” for McMaster Hospital kids.

~Super Emma