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Thursday, February 16
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Saturday, January 7
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Student council Elections Student council Elections

Elections for student council have come again. It is a very exciting time of year. Seeing all the bright posters light up the hallways makes everyone smile. As someone who is running I can definitely say that it is nerve wracking, but exciting to make posters and a speech.

Then the day comes when you have to say your speech. Everyone files into the gym and then it hits you how many people are in that gym. About 200 people will have their eyes on you. It is a fearful moment waiting on the stage getting ready to say your speech. Then the teacher says your name. You get up, take a few deep breaths, and start talking. The last words come out of your mouth, and you are done. Whew, that was easy you murmur to yourself. You go home and can’t sleep that night because you are so excited to find out if you made it into student council tomorrow.

The day arrives, you get to school and run to the library to see who made it. Mrs. Wikk starts saying the names and everyone is dead silent. If you hear your name it is a wonderful feeling, but if you don’t hear your name you feel sad.

I know the horrible feeling of not getting chosen. I have gone through election season last year but it is all part of it; someone makes and someone doesn’t. I was happy for the person who made it though. Hopefully I will get in this year, so make sure to vote 4 Becca!

Written by Rebecca DeJong
Rebecca DeJong

As a person that is voting I am quite excited to hear everyone say their speech. It is an exciting time of year. Boy it would be nerve wracking standing on the stage in front of 200 people. Personally, I think election season is pretty fun. As soon as you walk out your classroom door the the hallways are full of posters and the walls are covered. It is fun to read all those hilarious posters. It is especially fun to hear all the fun ideas. The thing is there are around 20 people running 4 from each grade and you can only pick 1 from each class. That's 10 people that you can pick.

It is the day when the students competing for student council say their speech to the all of the junior and intermediate students. First, the teacher calls the first candidate by name. The person walks up with their speech in hand red faced and shaking. They take a deep breath. After saying what they want the candidate walks off smiling, feeling that good feeling when it is over. Everyone claps and it is loud. Especially when you're in the middle of the crowd.

It is fun to vote, but really hard. Wow it is a fun and crazy time of year. Just wait.

Written by Mikaela Kovac
Mikaela Kovac