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Thursday, February 16
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November 20, 2017
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Election Reflections Election Reflections

For the past 6 weeks Mr.Boonstra has been talking to my grade 8 class about the federal election. When he walked into the room and explained to my class that we were going to begin this year with a unit on the election I just thought, “Why should I care? This is a waste of time. But eh, it’s better than spelling.” At first I tuned him out and worked on other things. Whenever he glanced at me I would put down my pencil and nod with a smile, making it look like I knew exactly what he was talking about. I’d sit patiently waiting for him to look away, then I’d get right back to my other work and watch the clock tick by.

Later on in the week Mr. B began to talk about things that could affect me and my life as an adult. That got my attention. I tuned back in, stopped my other work, got back in the real world and actually listened. He started to mention things such as education, police protection services, taxes, waste management, health, and so many more things that interest and affect me. Even as a 13 year old, this will affect my future whether I want it to or not. I started to argue with my family about the different parties and what I agree and disagree on. For example, I agreed with Trudeau when he promised $60 billion more for infrastructure over 10 years, but my mom liked Harper’s $5.8 billion for new spending. Then World War 3 began between grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents, siblings and anyone else who would join the conversation. It was now an ongoing conversation, not only at school, but at home, thanksgiving dinner, on the playground and anywhere else the topic came up. Thanks Mr.B.

After all we learned and the vote was finished, the Liberals won with a majority government. Only 68% of Canadian people voted in the 2015 vote and out of that percentage, the Liberals got the majority of the seats. According to the Liberal’s slogan, there is going to be a “Real Change”. Trudeau says he is going to put us in debt and then by 2019 the budget will be balanced once again. He will be raising the personal income taxes on people earning over $200, 000. Trudeau has made the choice to legalize marijuana and many people have different feelings about this decision. Canada has voted and they voted Trudeau as our Prime Minister which means they agree with most of the things he says that he will do. After all that I heard, and once I started paying attention, I realized that the election and who gets elected really does affect me. Yes, there are many people in my class that understand politics and the federal election way more than I do, but I am really glad I started to pay attention. It has and will do me well, now and in the future. Mr.Boonstra made this class something worth listening to. Even though I had no interest in politics ever before in my life, the election was a great discussion that I really enjoyed.

~Erika Brouwer
Erika Brouwer