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Election Reflections Election Reflections

Canada has changed. This year, 2015, the Liberal party has won the election. This itself was not surprising, except for the fact that it was a majority with 184 seats. The Conservative party came in second with 99 seats, the NDP with 44, Bloc Quebecois with 10 and the Green party with 1. The fact that the NDP only got 44 seats is quite surprising because at the start of the election they were leading in the polls. What I think that happened to all the NDP’s voters is that the Liberals convinced the voters that their party was better, and then they voted for the Liberals.

Here is some information about your new government; the Liberals will lower taxes for the middle class, (middle class is approximately $45 000-$90 000) and raise them for the upper class ($125 000+). They will spend billions of dollars on infrastructure, but will go into debt to accomplish this. This will also create more jobs for those who need them. The Liberals will have an equal amount of men and women in the cabinet which has never been the case prior to this election, and will change the style of election instead of first past the post, we will have a style called proportional voting.

Proportional voting is you don’t vote for MPs. Instead you vote for whichever government you want. Then they add up the percentages. For every 1% of votes each party gets they get one MP. The party with 51 or more MPs wins. If no one has 51 or more the top two govern together.

Some lessons that this election provided for me is I realized that government is more important than I thought and I should not take it for granted. Another is that they do so many things for me and all the other Canadian citizens and I had never realized that. I also now know that attack ads are almost absolutely useless. They rarely work because everyone thinks they’re dirty and rude. It kind of shows that the party has run out of ideas so they just degrade the other party hoping that it will get them some voters. This year the Liberals have had less attack ads and the Conservatives more. This is probably a large factor in why the Liberals won.

At the start of the election the Liberals weren’t doing too well but then they rose up and took a majority. This is because of a few reasons. One is that they offered more jobs so the young people came out and voted. Another is that some people thought that he had a good platform and finally there was the ‘anyone but Harper vote’. This is not a good idea since most people who did this probably did not research their facts. This is troubling because if they had researched their facts they might have found out that they didn’t like the government they chose. Then they will be unhappy as the government does a whole lot of stuff they don’t like and which is hard to undo.

Although some things turned out good for some and but bad for others, this has been a changing point for all of Canada.

~ Nic Bruulsema
Nic Bruulsema