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Ancaster Fair
On Friday, September 21, grade 1a had an awesome day at the Ancaster Fair. Despite the very windy conditions, the students said they had a great time ...Full Story
Monday, October 22
Grade 5 Thanksgiving Meal
On Friday, October 5, if you happened to be at CCS you might have smelled something yummy throughout the halls. Chances are that it was the grade 5 ...Full Story
Thursday, October 11
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Last updated: Apr. 6, 2018

Grade 7 & 8 Survey

Hello Grade 7 & 8 students,

Today, I ask that you fill in this survey, and I ask that you take it seriously and answer the questions honestly. The responses come back to me anonymously, so the only information I have for each respondent is that you are a student in grade 7 or 8 at Calvin Christian School.

Most of the questions require a multiple choice or "check box" response. Please answer these honestly and accurately. 

The final question asks you to share a story of an uncomfortable situation when using an app or game on your mobile device, computer or laptop. If you do have a story to share, please include the name of the app but do not use any names. Identify participants as "Person A" or "Person B" (PA or PB for short). Keep the stories as short and to the point as you are able. If you have a longer story to share, and you need more time, I have set up a short form that you can access at home, and you can submit your story anonymously during the evening or on the weekend.

I appreciate your input, and want to wish each of you a lovely weekend!

Grade 7 & 8 Survey